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Mentoring platforms or mentoring software?

June 28, 2019

Workplace mentoring programs come with many benefits for participants and also for the organizations behind them. Offering a way to help employees develop their full potential within your company helps enhance the skill set of your organization. It has also been proven to be an effective way to reduce turnover and low employee engagement.

In fact, statistics show that employee turnover can cost up to 75 percent of the employee’s salary. These numbers can be a big hindrance for organizations.

If you have decided to start a workplace mentoring program there is mentoring technology that can help you throughout the process. Mentoring platforms and mentoring software are designed to help you create and manage the mentoring program in your workplace.

What are mentoring platforms?

Mentoring platforms are online spaces where you can find a mentor and they can be broken down into different types including startup mentorship platforms, academic mentor platforms, career mentor platforms, arts mentorship platforms and more. You can find a mentor to help you reach your goals no matter what industry you work in or what your position is. For example, entrepreneurs looking at building a tech company can find a successful advisor on one of the mentoring platforms.

These mentoring platforms have become a popular way for large companies to create and manage their internal mentorship programs. According to Forbes, companies like TD Bank, PepsiCo and the United Way have partnered with mentoring platforms.

Part of the appeal of mentoring platforms is that is can take the stress out of finding a mentor that fits what you are looking for. It can also remove the awkwardness of dealing with a co-worker who has rebuffed your requests for mentorship. Many of these platforms are also global, which means you can learn from experts in your field who live anywhere in the world.

Online mentoring platforms are also ideal ways to combat low participant numbers. Some workplace mentoring programs have difficulty in attracting qualified mentors. However, with a mentoring platform, there is a wide pool of mentors to draw from.

One drawback to mentoring platforms is that they can rely too much on mentoring technology, which draws away from the personal relationship that is key to successful mentorships. Holding online meetings can be difficult if the mentor and mentee are in different time zones. It also eliminates the benefit of creating a learning culture within your local workplace. There are times when a mentee wants to talk to their mentor about a situation and, in a traditional mentorship situation, they would drop by their mentor’s office. Yet, if the mentor and mentee are connected via a mentoring platform, it reduces the accessibility the mentee has to the mentor.

What is mentoring software?

Creating and managing a workplace mentoring program can be a time-consuming task, which is where mentoring software can help. Mentoring software, like Together, has been designed to streamline the application, registration, scheduling and reporting processes of a workplace mentoring program. Moreover, mentoring software is effective in both a traditional and a team environment.

Mentoring software can be an investment that an organization uses to guide them through the entire process of developing their workplace mentoring program. Beginning with the registration process, mentoring programs are capable of gathering and storing crucial information on both the mentor and mentee. This data is then used to enhance the pairing, development and reporting processes that are involved in workplace mentoring programs.

Implementation timing and pairing are key to an effective mentoring relationship. However, creating the right match can be a challenge. The algorithms of mentoring software are designed to take the hassle out of pairing mentors to mentees. Together is able to pair participants in minutes based on information collected during the registration process and any other criteria or employee data that is entered. The program offers an unlimited number of pairings, which helps ensure a good mentor-mentee relationship can be developed.

Mentors and mentees are often busy and arranging meetings can be a challenge. This is another aspect of mentoring programs where mentoring software comes in handy. Together has been created to integrate with emails and a variety of calendar formats that participants use. This feature can make scheduling easier for everyone involved. The program is also designed to send our reminders to the mentor and mentee so they don’t miss an opportunity to meet. Together also tracks sessions with the calendar integration, which helps during the reporting and evaluating stages of workplace mentoring programs.

To see how successful a workplace mentoring program is, reporting on past and current mentor-mentee matches is essential. Reporting can also help an organization determine if the mentoring program is meeting the key performance indicators that were defined before the program was launched. This can help leadership see if the program is meeting expectations or if it is in need of some changes or tweaks. Thanks to Together’s HR dashboard, reports can be customized to highlight any crucial information your organization wants to know. Information can also be integrated into a central reporting dashboard, which offers transparency and ease of use.


Workplace mentoring programs have been shown to be a great tool for developing an employee’s potential in the organization. Mentoring can also reduce the turnover rate and help engage or re-engage employees.  However, creating and managing a workplace mentoring program can be a challenge. This is where mentoring technology like mentoring platforms or mentoring software can help. Depending on the scope of your organization’s mentoring program and how it will be implemented, mentoring technology can help streamline and simplify the process.

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