Customer panel: learn best practices from experienced mentoring program managers

Learn directly from experienced program managers how to run world-class mentoring programs to develop talent, create opportunities, engage members, and so much more.

When: December 13th @ 1:00PM EST
Where: Zoom
Duration: 1 Hour

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Meet The Panelists

Learn how the largest mentoring programs are run,
directly from the people who run them.

Kate Doyle - Career Development Officer

The United Nations
Participants: > 1,000

Kate has worked at the UN for 21 years specializing in career development where she gets to explore organizational psychology. She and her team launched the Mentoring and Networking programme in September 2020. Since then over 2,000 staff have actively participated across hundreds of global duty stations. The programme is now their flagship career support resource for staff and the team looks forward to further expanding it in the future.

Jaqueline Gilchrist - Mentor Program Coordinator

The Forum
Participants: > 1,000

Jacqueline Gilchrist is the Mentor Program Coordinator at The Forum, pairing women-identifying entrepreneurs with experienced entrepreneurs and business leaders. Prior to her role at The Forum, she coordinated a business mentorship program at Prince's Trust Canada, and through both of these roles she has personally seen the power of mentorship, and the incredible impact that it can have on both mentors and mentees.

Brittany Hendriks - Director of Marketing

Together Platform
Global Participants:

Together powers world-class mentorship programs that are scalable, measurable, organized, and effective at companies like AirBnb, Heineken, Kellogg’s, and more. We empower every employee to find peers, mentors, and experts within their company to accelerate learning and development.