Expert panel: Insights from launching 100s of mentoring programs

We've gathered some of the foremost experts on mentorship to learn from their experience running world-class mentoring programs. Learn how to plan, launch, run, and measure a successful mentoring program.

When: January 24th @ 12:30PM EST
Where: Zoom
Duration: 1 Hour

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Meet The Panelists

Learn how world-class mentoring programs are run,
directly from the people who run them.

Jodi Petersen
Founder & CEO

Leading the mentoring consultant team at MentorStrat, Jodi has 20+ years of corporate experience and 5 years running mentoring programs. Prior to starting MentorStrat, she led mentoring programs for a FORTUNE® 500 company driving the strategy development and execution of the roadmap.

Daniel Horgan
Founder & CEO

Daniel has 20+ years of experience building programs that increase other's access to relationships and growth opportunities. Working with both Top corporations like Starbucks, Apple, and LinkedIn as well as social enterprises and non-profits Daniel focuses on developing talent, building community, and increasing equity in the workplace.

Jai Chaggar
Director of Customer Success

Jai is Together's Director of Customer Success, overseeing all mentoring initiatives run by Together's Companies. Jai has helped plan and advise companies like Disney, Airbnb, and The United Nations on launching and scaling their mentoring efforts.