Report on corporate mentorship

May 25, 2019

When done right, mentorship clearly improves employee retention and performance:"Those indenting to stay with their organization for more than five years are twice as likely to have a mentor (68 percent) than not (32 percent)" - Deloitte Millennial Survey“77% of companies with mentorship programs believe they improve employee retention” - Survey of Fortune 500 companies"Mentorship is the most effective diversity initiative and can boost the representation of minority groups at the manager level by 9 to 24%" - Cornell University IRL School Research Paper"But how are North American corporations performing with their corporate mentorship programs? To find out, we interviewed and surveyed employees from 50+ leading North American companies.Our research revealed a number of alarming gaps in employees’ mentorship needs and the support their companies are providing. To get the full report, access it here.

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