Mentoring Insights Newsletter: Real advice from real mentoring programs

Every Together feature, right in Microsoft Teams

Increase mentorship engagement by powering your program directly in Microsoft Teams.

Seamlessly embedded within Teams

Merge the power of Together with the familiarity of Microsoft Teams. No switching between apps, no hassle - just pure, streamlined mentorship management.

Direct notifications, fewer emails

Bid farewell to employees missing out on key updates. Allow mentoring alerts directly in participants DMs, ensuring every important moment is front and center.

Just a tap away on your Teams mobile app

Embrace flexibility with our mobile-optimized features. Whether you're in the office or on the go, mentorship is always just a tap away.

Skip the sign-in hassle

Dive straight into your mentorship program without juggling Single Sign On. Being logged in automatically amplifies security and convenience.

Tailored communication preferences

Stay in the loop, your way. Admins and users can customize how they receive communications - be it via Teams, emails, or both.