Keep users engaged with aesthetic, multi-channel comms

Edit and automate notifications and comms for key steps in your programs, such as registration, matching, and sessions.

Get out of your email client and back to strategy

Don’t write your program’s communications from scratch - start with our best practice templates that trigger just-in-time based on progress through the program.

Maintain your company branding by customizing text and colors

Fully customizable editing of your notifications allows your program to look and feel like an internal initiative.

Reach specific audiences with one-off comms and announcements

No more putting together distribution lists - send comms directly from Together’s platform to hundreds of users in specific audiences, such as all mentees.

Achieve higher open rates by letting users pick their channel

Some teams operate mostly in emails, while others operate in instant messaging. Reach users where they are most likely to open and engage with your program.

What users are saying about Together

Growth led by authentic connection

I like that employees can come together to share authentic feedback and ideas on growth, regardless of seniority level, and share ideas on how to expand expertise and grow as individuals

Exceed Expectations

I am grateful for the opportunity and would highly recommend everyone participate in some way, either as a colleague, mentor or mentee

Malory W
Brings Companies Together

Together has helped our big company feel like a small one through networking

Trent J
Crisp and clear modules and a variety of topics

This has helped me a lot with peer networking, which I was always afraid of getting into

Digvijay K