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Strict standards to keep your data safe

SOC 2 Type 2
GDPR Compliant
Enterprise Grade

SOC2 Type 2

SOC2 Type 2
Together’s platform is SOC 2 Type II compliant and undergoes independent yearly audits to maintain this compliance. The SOC 2 Type II audit process not only ensures the protection of customer data but also assesses the effectiveness of these controls. Additionally, it guarantees that our guidelines, operations, and safeguards robustly handle client information and prioritize user privacy.


Traffic across the network is secured using Transport Layer Security (TLS) to shield data from unauthorized access or changes during transmission. Data stored is safeguarded with AES256 encryption, whereas data being transferred is encrypted through TLS1.2.  Data transferred to and from external client connections is secured using HTTPS/TLS1.3.
Penetration Testing
We undergo annual penetration testing conducted by third-party experts. Our systems are tested for vulnerabilities across a wide range of attack vectors. We believe in a transparent relationship with our users and we ensure you're informed about major updates and improvements arising from our tests.
Certified Infrastructure
All of Together’s data, including client data, is securely housed within Google Cloud. Google Cloud is renowned for its top-tier security frameworks, ensuring organizations maintain security and compliance.
Data Loss Prevention
Together has implemented top-tier DLP solutions to protect sensitive data in accordance with the data classification policy. Every Together employee undergoes essential background verifications. Client data access is managed through VPN firewall and 2FA, restricted only to select security personnel and team members assisting customers.
Our software seamlessly integrates Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities, ensuring a streamlined and secure user experience.

Our software fully supports Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML), offering a robust and secure solution for enterprise-level authentication.
Automated user provisioning & de-provisioning
We have implemented automated user provisioning and de-provisioning to streamline access management. This ensures timely and secure user access adjustments.


GDPR Compliant
We adhere to GDPR standards by allowing every participant to set their opt-in preferences.
Right to rectification:
We uphold the individual's right to make corrections - they can do so either directly via their account preferences or by reaching out to
Right to access and portability:
Together upholds individuals' rights to access and transfer both their own personal data and the data of their members. To request data exports, individuals can get in touch with
Right to be forgotten:
Together respects the right of individuals to be erased from our records. We guarantee the removal of all data from our systems and from any affiliated third parties. To initiate a deletion request, please reach out to
Internal audit
We have a team member dedicated to internal audits, risk management, and compliance who is tasked with identifying and overseeing the resolution of any outstanding regulatory matters.
Right to object
We uphold the right to object. Participants have the choice to decide whether or not they want to be contacted. Additionally, they have the option to delete their account.


Backup and Disaster Recovery
In the Together infrastructure, data at rest is automatically encrypted. This includes all storage clusters, snapshot volumes, and backups. Data backups are performed daily.
Our service is anchored on the well-regarded infrastructure of Google Cloud, empowering us to expand swiftly. We can scale up by enhancing the power of individual servers and scale out by integrating more servers to our framework, all to cater to your business demands. We consistently oversee load capacities for both scaling methods. Additionally, we carry out both scale-up and scale-out measures for our databases.
Uptime SLA
Our software boasts a 99.9% uptime SLA, guaranteeing lightning-fast and consistent performance for your critical tasks.
SLA Response Time
Experience unparalleled support with Together. Our dedicated technical team responds to critical system errors in just 1 hour and ensures a resolution within 4 hours.


We set a high bar
Our dedication is to offer users a top-notch experience. Throughout the product development phases, our design and development teams make accessibility a primary concern. That's why we adhere to WCAG version 2.1 level AA, blending both automated and hands-on testing techniques.

We've completed our Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT), reinforcing our commitment to ensuring accessibility for all our users.
Our mission is inclusivity

Creating opportunities means providing everyone with equal access to our technology, irrespective of their capabilities. Features our platform boasts include:

  • Support for screen readers catering to the visually challenged.
  • Emphasis on focus pointers, essential visual labeling, and keyboard-based navigation.
  • Thoughtful color choices and contrasts to accommodate those with color perception challenges.
  • Logical content layout and straightforward language to assist users who may find comprehension challenging due to their abilities.

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Best Customer Success Team
I have worked with many L&D vendors over the years, and Together by far has provided the best service.
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Administrator in Design
Incredibly Customizable
We love how customizable the platform is. We were able to edit everything to our exact needs - from the pairing algorithm to the content shared.
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Administrator in Management Consulting
Great platform, easy to use!
The best thing about the Together platform is how easy and scalable it is!
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Administrator in Management Consulting
Together is terrific!
I like that the interface of the site is very intuitive and customer-friendly.
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Jeremy H.
Excellent employee experience
Super easy to use. Simplified setup of our mentorship program.
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Administrator in Information Technology and Services
Best Mentorship Program Ever
The Together Platform has great functions and reduces our admin time a lot. Our favorite part is working alongside the Together Team to collaborate and learn the best ways to use the program.
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Administrator in Cosmetics
10/10 Software - Best User Experience and Highly Customizable
Together has the best user experience for employees. It has an extensive library of resources - from session agendas to guides on how to be a great mentor; they have it covered! As an admin, I love how customizable the platform is.
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Administrator in Health, Wellness and Fitness
Best corporate mentorship software! Extremely user friendly and incredible customer service.
My whole experience with Together software was amazing.
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