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Innovative mentoring
Young innovators need creativity and connection to be their best, according to an article in the Journal of Strategic Leadership. However, this often conflicts with more traditional positions at an organization, which can lead to friction in the workplace. Yet, with 32 million millennials in the workplace, their influence is starting to be felt. This is where innovative mentoring can help bridge the gap and ensure that all employees feel they are valued members of the team.
Mentoring using apps
Workplace mentoring programs have become more and more popular as companies look for ways to attract top talent. Many job seekers have indicated they are looking for organizations that offer growth opportunities such as mentorships. Research has shown that employees that have a mentor also have a 23 percent higher retention rate.
Could You be the Next Mentor?
Have you ever found yourself in your career wishing for more but unsure of what direction to go in? It is completely normal for people in every day working environments to have moments of uncertainty and wonder if there is more to life than what they are doing already. For most of us the obvious path is career progression in the sense of climbing the ladder, from employee to supervisory roles, to managerial roles and then moving on to more senior managerial roles and so on. 
Mentoring platforms or mentoring software?
Workplace mentoring programs come with many benefits for participants and also for the organizations behind them. Offering a way to help employees develop their full potential within your company helps enhance the skill set of your organization. It has also been proven to be an effective way to reduce turnover and low employee engagement.
June 29, 2019
Promoting your mentoring program to job seekers
Finding ways to attract top talent to your workplace is a challenge for nearly every organization. Most industries are suffering from a skill shortage and, according to Business News Daily, about half of employers say it is taking a long time to find someone to fit their vacancies.
Resistance to change: How to start a mentoring program in a more traditional business
Regardless of their size, organisations can be very slow to change. While this resistance to change can be good because it prevents the company from being caught up in short-lived trends, it can also mean the organisation does not adapt as well as it could. It may also mean that the organisation is not well-equipped to tackle employee issues like engagement.
Entering the Workplace for the First Time
Over half of those interviewed expressed concern over their transition to the “real world.” Moving from a college environment to a workplace can be a daunting experience. In a school atmosphere, most students have a clear outline in the syllabus about the expectations put on them. They also regularly get graded on their performance. However, in a work environment, the expectations are not so clear and there is no professor there to guide and grade them.
The Psychology of Mentoring
A lot can be said about the power of mentorship. Through good organisation to proactive use of technology. Finding the right people can lead to success stories for years to come. The idea behind mentorship programs is passing on of wisdom, tips, and providing a support system for someone who wants to further themselves in their education, career or even personal life. The good thing is it is not confined to one area.
How Your Company Can Set Up Mentoring Programs That Work
It's been proven repeatedly that quality mentorship programs work. The goal is to pair mentors and mentees that develop relationships based on mutual trust. When trust is established, the mentee's professional development advances quickly and in a direction benefiting everyone involved. However, not all programs provide those results. That's where mentoring software enters the picture.
How Software Can Help When Mentoring a Team
Mentoring in the workplace has been shown to reduce employee turnover, improve engagement and boost productivity. This is likely why 71 percent of Fortune 500 companies have workplace mentorship programs in their organizations.
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