Mentoring software that makes managing your mentorship program a breeze

Together Mentoring Software ensures every employee has a relevant mentor to accelerate their growth. From registration to reporting, managing your mentorship program has never been so easy!
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"Before using Together we were running a program manually, and it was a huge pain (and time suck!). Together has freed up 90% of my time and has made the experience for employees 100x better... this has really helped us show the impact of the program with our executive team."
Together Customer

Every step is covered when your mentorship program is powered by Together

From registration to reporting, Together does all the heavy lifting for your mentoring program

A screenshot of Together's mentoring dashboard showing 600 participants, 240 active pairings, and other details of the well being mentorship program. Together mobile interface also shows a mentor-mentee pairing.

Simple registration makes it easy to get employees up and running

Together’s mentoring software makes it simple to collect critical information. Existing HRIS data and a registration questionnaire make it simple to quickly build employee profiles on the platform.
Screenshot of Together's registration questionnaire builder

Make perfect matches with our pairing algorithm

Together’s pairing algorithm creates relevant mentor-matches at scale. Mentors and mentees are matched based on their goals, skills, and where they want to grow.

Calendar integrations make it easy to make time for mentorship

Together easily integrates with employee calendars and automates reminders for meetings. If mentors and mentees miss meetings, our mentoring software will let you know so you can follow up.

Know which mentor-mentee matches need support

Together's Health monitor tools flag matches that aren’t meeting or have lower session scores. Quickly resolve a mis-match or check-in with pairs to see where they need support.

Easily report on the program’s success

Measure your program’s ROI. Together generates reports on signups, participation rates, goal completions, session feedback, pairing relevancy, and more.
Together integrates with calendar and HRIS tools

Powerful integrations with tools you already use

Together Software integrates your mentoring program seamlessly with the tools you use everyday like GSuite and Outlook as well as HRIS systems like UltiPro, Workday, SAP Success Factoers, Oracle, and more.

SOC 2 Certified so you can rest easy

It’s hard to know who you can trust with your employee data, that's why we’re SOC 2 certified. Feel confident scaling your mentoring program with as many employees as you need.
Together platform is SOC 2 certified

You’ll have mentorship experts at your side

Your mentorship program will have a dedicated Customer Success Manager to make sure your program drives impact. We'll check in when you're killing it and when we have helpful suggestions.
Together platform is SOC 2 certified
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Resources to cultivate mentoring relationships

Every employee will have access to mentoring handbooks, session agendas, insightful articles, and helpful tips to build a successful mentoring relationship.

There's more than one way to match mentors and mentees; Together Platform supports them all

Pair senior employees with junior employees for career guidance and advice.

Great for:
  • Giving employees role models to look up to.
  • Preparing high potentials employee for leadership positions.
Screenshot of Together's mentoring platform showing an employee who they've been matched with

Group mentoring programs have a few facilitators and many participants.

Great for:
  • Coaching on a specific topic or skillset
  • Engaging diversity or affinity groups
  • Training during milestone moments
  • Engaging peer groups
Screenshot of a group mentoring program dashboard on Together Platform

Colleagues at similar levels in the company coach each other.

Great for:
  • Knowledge sharing.
  • Onboarding buddy programs.
  • Encouraging community while working remotely.
Screenshot of a peer-to-peer mentorship program in Together Software

A more junior employee takes on the role of mentor to a leader.

Great for:
  • Exposing leaders to new perspectives.
  • Giving employees from underrepresented backgrounds a direct voice to leadership.
Screenshot of a reverse mentorship program in Together Software

Pair up members from the same or different ERGs.

Great for:
  • Building community among underrepresented groups.
  • Strengthening career development opportunities within ERGs.
Screenshot of a Employee Resource Group program in Together Software

Employees explore multiple mentors for specific areas they want to grow in.

Great for:
  • Encouraging knowledge sharing.
  • Aiding training programs.
Screenshot of a speed mentorship program in Together Software

Templated mentorship programs to get you started fast

Accelerate learning and development
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Attract and retain talent
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Support diverse and underrepresented talent
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Keep remote employees connected
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Develop new managers
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Increase employee engagement
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Grow workplace well-being initiatives
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Invest in high potential employees
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Set up new hires for success
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Manage every step of your employees’ mentorship journey

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1. Prepare
Mentees and mentors create a profile with the skills and experiences they want to grow their careers.
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2. Engage
Several relevant mentors are suggested to mentees based on their profile. Once paired, employees will begin meeting.
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3. Grow
Guides and agendas give employees everything they need to build a successful relationship.
4. Repeat
Employees join more mentoring programs to continue learning and growing.

Together Platform is recognized as the #1 Enterprise Mentorship Software for Employees

Best Customer Success Team
I have worked with many L&D vendors over the years, and Together by far has provided the best service.
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Administrator in Design
Incredibly Customizable
We love how customizable the platform is. We were able to edit everything to our exact needs - from the pairing algorithm to the content shared.
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Administrator in Management Consulting
Great platform, easy to use!
The best thing about the Together platform is how easy and scalable it is!
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Administrator in Management Consulting
Together is terrific!
I like that the interface of the site is very intuitive and customer-friendly.
G2 Logo
Jeremy H.
Excellent employee experience
Super easy to use. Simplified setup of our mentorship program.
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Administrator in Information Technology and Services
Best Mentorship Program Ever
The Together Platform has great functions and reduces our admin time a lot. Our favorite part is working alongside the Together Team to collaborate and learn the best ways to use the program.
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Administrator in Cosmetics
10/10 Software - Best User Experience and Highly Customizable
Together has the best user experience for employees. It has an extensive library of resources - from session agendas to guides on how to be a great mentor; they have it covered! As an admin, I love how customizable the platform is.
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Administrator in Health, Wellness and Fitness
Best corporate mentorship software! Extremely user friendly and incredible customer service.
My whole experience with Together software was amazing.
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Administrator in Management Consulting

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions about mentorship software and how it works. Feel free to reach out to us if you have further questions.
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What is mentoring software?

Mentoring software is a platform where mentors and mentees plan, schedule, and manage their mentoring relationships. It’s a dashboard for employees to find mentors or mentees in their organization and keep everything about their mentoring journey in one place. 

Mentoring software also gives HR managers or People Leaders managing a mentorship program insight into how mentor-mentee relationships are developing. They can curate resources for participants, see mentor ratings, collect feedback, and track results. Rather than hoping employees have mentors and it’s going well, mentoring software uncovers how the program is performing.
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How do employees join the mentorship program?

Using Together Platform, you can invite employees to join your mentoring program in two ways:
1. Sending out a registration email directly from the platform or,
2. By sharing a unique invitation link with them.

Once they click the link to join the program, they’ll create a profile on the platform that will be used to find them a relevant mentor or mentee. It will include basic information as well as their goals, experience, and what they hope to achieve in the program.
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How do you match mentors and mentees?

There are two ways to match mentors and mentees on the Together Platform:
1. Admin led — Program managers use the pairing algorithm to recommend relevant pairings for everyone, review the recommendations, and then release pairings so mentors and mentees get an email with their match. 
2. Mentee led — Allows mentees to choose their mentor from a list of recommendations. Mentees then request to match with 1 of their top 3 choices. Mentors can approve or decline. If their first choice declines, then the next mentor is notified. The process is repeated until the mentee has a match.
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How do you handle a mentee-mentor mismatch?

It happens infrequently, but if a mentor and mentee fail to hit it off and they’d like a rematch you can easily find both a new pairing. You can end their pairing within the platform and give them the ability to rematch with someone else.
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What resources does Together provide for mentors and mentees?

Every mentoring pair needs resources to help them build a successful relationship. Every mentor and mentee has access on Together Platform to resources like meeting agendas, discussion questions, interesting videos and articles, and mentoring handbooks. Program managers can also include links to any Learning Management Resources like courses or training videos. 
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How much does mentorship software cost?

You can get started with Together Mentoring Software for free, where we’ll give you full access to our pairing algorithm to find the best mentor matches for every employee quickly. 

For companies that want access to reporting analytics and support from our team, we have the Starter and Professional tiers that start at $6 per user. 

For large organizations that want a dedicated success manager, integrations, multiple languages, data residency, and more, the Enterprise plan starts at $10,000 per year. Learn more about our pricing and book a demo on our pricing page.
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How do you keep track of mentors?

When you use Together Mentoring Software to launch your mentoring program, you’ll be able to track the following things within our reporting dashboard:
Registration (number of mentors and mentees, registrations by day, profile breakdown of participants, and what mentors can offer mentees.)
Pairing (number of active, pending, or past pairings; pairings over time, and pairing combinations based on demographics or affiliations.)
• Sessions
(total completed sessions, average mentor ratings, hours spent mentoring, and written feedback.)
• Skill and goals
(A breakdown of the goals and skills that mentors and mentees indicated they wanted to develop or help develop during registration.)
• Program health monitor
(which provides insight into any pairings that may need a check-in based on low feedback scores.)
• Custom reports
(that can be made with your customer success manager.)
Program managers use these reports to determine the outcomes, ROI, and success of the program.