Intelligently match mentors and mentees

Our customizable pairing algorithm makes it easy to match employees with the most relevant mentor — and do it at scale.

Say goodbye to manually matching

“There would be 15 of us sitting at a table and we'd say ‘Bob over here–he's looking for someone with leadership experience.’ And it turned into this really tedious, time-consuming matching process. There wasn't a rhyme or reason to it. When I added up all the hours it was crazy. Why are we not using a tech solution that can scale within the organization that was 28,000 people?”
Organizational Development Manager at Edmonton Police
Pair mentors and mentees in minutes, not weeks
Mentors and mentees have a +98% Match Satisfaction rate
Decrease the time to launch your program by days

How to use Together’s pairing algorithm to find every mentee a relevant mentor in 6 steps

When your mentoring program is on Together, our algorithm makes your life much, much easier.

1. Choose your program type

Decide whether you want to launch a one-on-one or group mentoring program.
  • For One-on-One programs, you can structure cohorts that start and end at set times, whereas Evergreen programs are always open.
  • Alternatively, cohort programs are best suited for Group mentoring.

2. Create your questionnaire

When joining your program, employees will complete a questionnaire. Pairing their answers with existing HRIS data builds a comprehensive profile that the algorithm analyzes to suggest relevant mentor matches.
Building your questionnaire is easy! Simply input your questions, then drag and drop the order. To add new questions, you can browse our Question Pool or create custom questions.

3. Choose pairing process

The pairing process is arguably the most important part of every program. There are three different ways to manage matching and approvals on Together.
Mentee led
Tailored mentors are highlighted for mentees
Mentor led
Mentors field and approve requests from mentees
Admin led
Admins approve and organize pairings

4. Set your matching criteria to fit your program

Every mentoring program is unique. For that reason, Together’s pairing algorithm is fully customizable so you can assign more or less priority to each matching criterion. For example, having mentors from a similar background may be important for a diversity program.

5. Effortlessly ensure everyone finds a mentor

Once pairing begins, Together will keep track of who’s paired, if you have any unmatched mentees, and the mentoring capacity you still have based on your mentors’ availability. You’ll have a full view of your pairing process, so no employee is left behind.

6. Launch your program!

When your program is ready to launch, release the pairings and watch each mentoring relationship grow. Together will handle the heavy lifting of collecting and reporting on feedback, notifying you if any pairs need assistance. Our reporting dashboard will make it easy to gain full visibility into your program.

Together Platform is recognized as the #1 Enterprise Mentorship Software for Employees

Best Customer Success Team
I have worked with many L&D vendors over the years, and Together by far has provided the best service.
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Administrator in Design
Incredibly Customizable
We love how customizable the platform is. We were able to edit everything to our exact needs - from the pairing algorithm to the content shared.
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Administrator in Management Consulting
Great platform, easy to use!
The best thing about the Together platform is how easy and scalable it is!
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Administrator in Management Consulting
Together is terrific!
I like that the interface of the site is very intuitive and customer-friendly.
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Jeremy H.
Excellent employee experience
Super easy to use. Simplified setup of our mentorship program.
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Administrator in Information Technology and Services
Best Mentorship Program Ever
The Together Platform has great functions and reduces our admin time a lot. Our favorite part is working alongside the Together Team to collaborate and learn the best ways to use the program.
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Administrator in Cosmetics
10/10 Software - Best User Experience and Highly Customizable
Together has the best user experience for employees. It has an extensive library of resources - from session agendas to guides on how to be a great mentor; they have it covered! As an admin, I love how customizable the platform is.
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Administrator in Health, Wellness and Fitness
Best corporate mentorship software! Extremely user friendly and incredible customer service.
My whole experience with Together software was amazing.
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Administrator in Management Consulting