Mentoring Insights Newsletter: Real advice from real mentoring programs

A complete library of resources and trainings

Well-prepared users have more productive conversations and learn more.

Program templates with best practices built-in

Quickly create your ideal program without starting from scratch. Templates come pre-built with matching rules, resources, agendas, tasks, promotional assets and emails.

Mentee, mentor and colleague handbooks

Our proprietary onboarding guides are included in any program you launch and available to all participants.

Personalized discussion points for every match

Together’s AI reads the profiles of the mentor and mentee in a match, along with their prior discussion notes, to suggest what to discuss and develop in their next session.

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Automated email templates, so you can get your time back

Put communication on autopilot with a full set of notification templates. From inviting users to notifying them of their match and sending reminders, these templates cover the entire process.

The most up-to-date and comprehensive Help Center

Empower yourself with instant self-serve answers about how to use our software. Our dedicated team provides daily revisions to ensure you have up-to-date information.

Offer courses on “How to be a great mentee and mentor”

Prepare your participants to get a seamless start in their first mentoring program. Leverage pre-built mini quizzes we’ve built as optional onboarding tasks.

Thought leadership: guides, resources and templates

Stay up-to-date on the latest trends in learning and development through our regularly published customer case studies, blogs, and webinars.