Everyone Can Learn From Anyone

Colleague Connect allows for more fluid and less formal connections, catering to diverse needs.

Social Learning without the hierarchy

Designed to complement traditional mentorship, Colleague Connect allows learning without labelling “mentors and mentees”.

Inclusive learning and employee connection

Colleague Connect facilitates connections based on shared skills and goals, or traits like location, department, ERGs and more.

Tap into your most valuable resource

Opportunities for growth never run dry. Allow participants to connect with colleagues, form learning partnerships, and achieve professional goals together.

Customizable templates to start fast

Whether it's cross-department introductions, onboarding, or specific learning needs, Colleague Connect offers customizable templates with best practices baked-in.

Let the employee response do the talking

Growth led by authentic connection

I like that employees can come together to share authentic feedback and ideas on growth, regardless of seniority level, and share ideas on how to expand expertise and grow as individuals

Exceed Expectations

I am grateful for the opportunity and would highly recommend everyone participate in some way, either as a colleague, mentor or mentee

Malory W
Brings Companies Together

Together has helped our big company feel like a small one through networking

Trent J
Crisp and clear modules and a variety of topics

This has helped me a lot with peer networking, which I was always afraid of getting into

Digvijay K

Learn more about Employee Connection Programs!

Your guide to creating employee connection programs that drive learning and development. In this Handbook is everything you need to start a connection program: best practices, templates, tools and more!