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Best-Practice Mentorship Use Cases

Use Mentorship to Motivate & Develop Employees

In the post-LMS world, learning is enabled through people not just tools, features, content, or e-learning modules. Internal mentorship is key to unlocking new learning, accountability, motivation, and potential in your employees.
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Mentoring Use Case

Develop New Managers

Manager training and 360 reviews can only go so far. Mentorship is a way to continually drive and reinforce learned skills, reflect on and improve from 360s, all with accountability from peer mentors.

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Strengthen Diversity & Employee Resource Groups

Strengthen the culture at your company with diverse groups. Make your company a welcoming place for diverse groups, so you can continue to hire, grow, and retain top talent and future leaders.

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Motivate High Potential Talent

Keep your top talent motivated and driven to succeed. Pair them with top leaders in your company to learn, grow, and develop their career with an effective high potential talent program.

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Make the Best Onboarding Experience

Get your newest employees up to speed on culture across your company. Whether they shadow other employees in different departments, or meet for coffee to discuss career plans, you can make sure they get the resources needed to be more effective, quicker.

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Show Interns the Best Side of your Company

Give interns and co-op students a warm welcome to your company. Teach them about different career opportunities and help them get a head start on their career path with curriculum focused on shadowing, networking, and career planning.

Run Concurrent Programs Across your Organization

With multiple programs, you can nail all of your learning and development goals across your organization, while leveraging your most valuable teaching asset — your people.

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Set your Organization Apart with Mentorship

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