Drive impact through mentorship

Mentorship programs drive results across all areas of the employee experience. Below are 8 of the most common use cases for mentorship.

Randstad decreased turnover by 49% among employees in a mentorship program powered by Together.
Source: Together

Attracting and retaining
talent programs

Employees are looking for more than just a paycheck. The best and brightest want to work at companies that invest in their growth and development.

When workplaces offer formal mentoring programs, 3/4's of diverse or minority employees opt-in.
Source: Heidrick & Struggles

Diversity programs and employee resource group programs

Ensure your employee resource groups and diversity initiatives are truly empowering minority members.

Over half of employees are disengaged in the workplace. Pairing your employees with mentors is proven to increase their engagement.
Source: Gallup

Employee engagement programs

Our relationships at work directly impact how energized we are. Empower your team to bring their full potential to work with Together’s employee engagement programs.

High performers are 400% more productive than
average ones
Source: McKinsey

High potential employee development programs

High potential programs prepare top talent for future leadership roles. To get the most out of your strongest employees and keep them around, they need mentors.

2/3’s of managers have been promoted without receiving adequate training.
Source: Together

New manager training programs

Mentorship helps new managers make the transition from individual contributor to leaders. Mentors provide them with
a support system.

70% of new hires still feel unprepared, even after the onboarding process.
Source: Gallup

Onboarding and buddy programs

Ensure your new hires are set up for success with mentorship and onboarding buddies who welcome them to the culture and prevent them from floundering.

20% of remote workers struggle with feelings of isolation.
Source: Buffer

Remote work programs

Build a company culture rooted in relationships where employees connect and grow no matter where they are in the world.

Employees with close relationships with peers are
50% happier.
Source: Gallup

Workplace well-being programs

Build a workplace where employees find fulfillment, connection and growth. Mentorship builds cultures that thrive.

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