Mentoring Insights Newsletter: Real advice from real mentoring programs

AI that adapts to users’ personal learning needs

Together’s AI creates the most personalized mentorship experience in the world, by adapting to the learning needs and topics of your users.

Better profiles mean better matches

Skip the writing and let AI generate comprehensive mentor and mentee profiles by summarizing their LinkedIn or Resume in seconds.

Tailored and effective conversations with AI

Together’s AI reads the profiles of the mentor and mentee in a match, along with their prior discussion notes, to suggest what to discuss and develop in their next session.

Nudge the AI to focus on areas of interest

“Choose your own adventure” with your learning and get recommended discussion points for your focus area.

Fully compliant for AI-sensitive organizations

Together redacts Personally Identifiable Information (PII) before processing it and all AI features can be disabled completely for organizations with stringent requirements.

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