Understand mentorship’s impact on your organization

Calculate the impact of mentorship on productivity

Uncover the measurable benefits of mentorship programs on employee productivity.

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Percentage of employees in mentoring program

We typically recommend that you pilot with 20% of employees

Increased employee productivity

A study by Sun Microsystems found that employees who participated in a mentoring program had a 20% increase in productivity compared to those who did not participate.

Value of increased productivity

Formula: Priority Metric * percentage of employees in mentoring program * (1+increased employee productivity)

Calculate how much mentorship can save you in turnover costs

Identify the value a mentorship program can have on your organization by increasing retention rates.

Number of participants (mentors + mentees)

Average employee salary

Average annual employee turnover rate

Turnover rates vary widely company to company but the average benchmark for US companies over the last two years is about 20% according to Gartner and Mercer data.

Cost of employee turnover (% of salary)

The costs of employee turnover vary depending on their seniority. For this calculation, we’ve set the default to 75% of the employees salary as that’s the average replacement cost for professional employees.

Reduction in turnover from mentoring

A study by Sun Microsystems found that several years after running a mentorship program, retention rates were an average of 70% versus 49% of those who didn't participate in the program. Therefore, we’ve set the default value to 30% as a benchmark to expect from your mentoring program.

Cost of employee turnover (annual)

The cost of employee turnover is calculated by first multiplying the number of employees by the avg employee turnover percentage to estimate the number of employees that will leave each year. Secondly, you multiply that by the cost of employee turnover (% of salary) to get the total cost.

Value of mentorship (annual)

The value of mentorship is calculated by multiplying the reduction of turnover from mentoring (as a %) by the cost of employee turnover.

Calculate how much time mentorship software can save you while pairing participants

Ditch the spreadsheets and see how much time you can save by using Together’s matching algorithm.

Number of participants (mentors + mentees)

Number of possible pairing combinations


Hours spent pairing without mentoring software

Calculation: 2 + (Number of possible pairings) / 60
24,002 hours

Cost of time spent manually pairing participants

The average hourly rate for a Director of Talent Development ($57/hour),

Estimated hours spent pairing with mentoring software

This calculation is made by combining the average time required to set up the software and complete the pairing setup.
12 hours

You’ll deliver results people notice

“The software is very easy to use, very clear and intuitive. It provides really good support with building a mentoring relationship and a lot of great content. Furthermore the team is very supportive, quick to reply and very motivated. It is a joy to work with them.”
Headshot of Marina Illerhues
Marina Illerhues
L&D Professional, Randstad
Employees who participated in Randstad’s mentoring programs were 49% less likely to leave the company