Easily manage your program with robust integrations

Together integrates with your HRIS, calendar, email, and more to make your mentorship programs impactful.

Quick and painless integration setup

With Together you get enterprise level integrations with none of the headache to integrate them. Easily connect integrations in a few clicks without relying on Support or invite IT Admins directly to the platform.
"I love the ease of use and the integration with apps such as Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Zoom."
Anonymous Review, G2

Enrich your program with your own data

When you connect your HRIS with Together, you get more than just a table of employees. Use HRIS data to customize your pairing algorithm, get deeper insight into reporting, and tailor program access to deliver the most impact.

Don’t see your HRIS? Let us know.

Make mentorship accessible & convenient for your team

Save time moving between apps and conversations, schedule sessions in one place. Together makes it easy for mentors and mentees to view shared availability and to book sessions right on the platform.

Drive more engagement and increase participation

Boost engagement by allowing employees to receive notifications in the apps they use everyday. Make sure your team always sees mentor/mentee match requests, mentoring session reminders, and feedback surveys.

With SOC 2, SAML, and SSO your employee data is secure

It’s hard to know who you can trust with your employee data, that's why we’re SOC 2 certified and support SAML & SSO. Feel confident scaling your mentoring program with as many employees as you need.