Customer case study

Skyrocketing retention rates by connecting employees with mentors

The Challenge

Before adopting Together’s Mentoring Platform, Randstad already had a very structured global mentoring program. The problem was that it was all done manually. They had ambitious goals and wanted the mentoring experience for every employee to be incredible. And by every employee, we mean every employee. Their goal was to provide every employee with the opportunity to find a mentor somewhere in their organization. 

But to pull that off, using surveys to collect signups and spreadsheets to compare all potential pairings wasn’t going to cut it. 

What Randstad needed was a scalable system to manage employee registration, match each employee with a relevant mentor, provide meeting agendas, and keep track of everything so they’d know if it was working.

The Solution

Randstad reviewed a number of different vendors, but ultimately chose Together because of our seamless integration with Google GSuite. By integrating into Gsuite we are able to provide a frictionless user experience to their busy professionals by allowing their employees to engage in the mentoring program directly through their email and calendar. Gsuite also allowed us to offer SSO with only 1 minute of support from Randstad's IT department.

For organizations not using Gsuite, we also offer the same functionality with Microsoft Office 365.

The Results

We worked with Randstad to monitor the employee turnover rate of employees who participated in the program versus those who did not. What we found was that employees participating in the mentoring program were 49% less likely to leave Randstad during the period studied.

By applying costs associated with employee turnover (e.g. recruiting, re-training, lost productivity) we were able to show that the mentoring program saved Randstad $3K per participant per year.

Moreover, Randstad's employees loved the program:

"Every session feels so short for the amount of wealth and knowledge I can get from my mentor. Bertrand is amazing, very understanding, a great coach, listener and a strong network in Randstad that I am privileged to know"

"I didn’t know what to expect in this session but see extreme value in this program especially coming from someone that I look up to in the organization. I like the fact that Pat has been in the same shoes I am in and had great examples of how to deal with my situations and also give me an overall picture of how I can improve my management skills and communication."


Randstad is a Dutch multinational human resource consulting firm headquartered in Diemen, Netherlands

Year founded
Number of employees
Large (10,000+ employees)
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Program Overview

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"Our people are finding the program incredibly valuable and are excited to be learning from other employees through mentorship."
Learning & Development Professional, Randstad