Learning and Development with mentorship

Traditional learning and development initiatives put too much emphasis on coursework. Instead, accelerate employee learning by pairing them with mentors and peers.

Your employees learn best from each other; let’s leverage that within L&D

Deliver more impact by giving your employees the opportunity to match with a mentor or peer. They’ll be more engaged, retain more of what’s learned, and their performance will prove it.
Of 1500 managers, 75% weren’t satisfied with their L&D efforts.
Source: HBR
87% of employees identify knowledge-sharing between peers as essential to their learning.
Source: Salesforce
56% of new employees prefer they have a buddy or mentor they can go to for help instead of an LMS.
Source: HR Daily Advisor

Leading companies are delivering more impactful Learning and
Development programs with Together

L&D without employee connection
Employees on average forget 90% of what they learn within one week.
Learning Solutions Magazine
L&D with mentorship and peer-to-peer learning
Discussing, demonstrating, practicing, and teaching increases knowledge retention rates by 90%
National Training Laboratory

L&D with a human touch

Match employees with mentors and experts that will drive their development forward

Together’s pairing algorithm does the heavy lifting. It considers employee’s goals and skills and then suggests relevant mentors across the organization.

Start your mentorship program with our templated program

Kick-start your L&D mentorship program using Together’s templated mentorship programs. Each free template includes customizable session agendas and mentor/mentee registration questions. Our templates help you get started fast.
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Grow your existing training program with guided sessions focused on growth

Move beyond courses as the only way to upskill your employees. Use our templated meeting agendas to focus employees on how they can grow. Topics include goal setting, career growth, embracing change, productivity, work-life balance, and more. Each agenda opens up new learning opportunities.

Unlock insight into ROI and learning outcomes

Easily measure the effectiveness of a mentoring relationship or a knowledge-sharing activity. Together’s reporting tools give you insight into what skills employees are developing, goals they’re achieving, feedback from their sessions, and more.

Bring Social Learning to your L&D Program

Organizations are beginning to recognize the value of getting employees to learn together. They're more engaged, they retain more information, they build better team cultures, and it's cost effective. This white paper will propose that the solution to digital training isn’t more online quizzes and training videos but Social Learning instead.

HR leaders rely on Together to power their mentorship programs

Great app to facilitate your mentorship meetings!
The pre-made agendas to help ensure that you aren't sitting there grasping for something to talk about!
Elaine P.
Works great! Very good app built specifically for mentorship.
I like how the software gives you initial talking points for the mentorship sessions. It helps stay on track or jumpstart the conversation. It's also lovely to track meetings and keep in touch.
User in Information Technology and Services
Amazing match with my mentor!
I loved the program! The entire experience was really simple and I loved the resources that guided my mentor and me!
Thiago C.
User Friendly + Great Resources
The best part about the software is how easy it is to use. I found it very intuitive, and I loved that it integrated with all the tools our company already uses. Also, the software had a ton of resources which made it really simple to prep for my sessions with my mentor.
User in Primary/Secondary Education
Found a mentor who can relate to the challenges I face
I found a mentor who can relate to all the challenges I face during my career development. We have a very easy and neutral communication, and I constantly receive efficient suggestions and advice.
Makes the art of mentoring so much easier
The session by session guidelines, the framework for notetaking, and calendar interface.
User in Information Technology and Services

Accelerate your Learning and Development initiatives with a best-in-class mentorship program. See Together’s platform in action.

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