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A lack of collaboration is holding your team back from performing at their best

A female employee speaking with a male colleague
3/4 of employees feel they don’t know what’s going on in their company.
Source: TeamStage
A male and Female colleague smiling looking at something together
A lack of collaboration is blamed for project failures by 86% of executives and employees.
Source: Salesforce
A group of women collaborating with their laptops open together at a table laughing
The silo effect breeds poor communication and mistrust between teams.
Source: Shahid Beheshti University

Build a mentorship and peer learning program that sparks meaningful connections

Our software does all the heavy lifting to intelligently pair employees and maximize learning

Seamlessly match employees with our pairing algorithm.
Use our library of session agendas to keep meetings on track.
Build a culture of collaboration that sparks new ideas.

When you start a mentorship network at your organization...

Your team’s productivity will skyrocket.
Sharing knowledge improves productivity by 35%.
Source: McKinsey
Team performance will improve.
Frequent knowledge sharing yields significant ROI for organizations; between 38% to 600%.
Source: IDC
Team members will be more engaged at work and innovative.
Co-worker support is a crucial to increasing employee engagement.
Source: SHRM
Silos will breakdown and collaboration will increase.
Employees who operate outside their silos learn more, sell more, and gain skills faster.
Source: Harvard Business Review

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