Make Knowledge Sharing Easy with Live Q&A

Employees can post their most pressing questions and draw on your whole organization’s collective expertise for answers.
Graphic of Live Q&A dashboard showing two individuals in frames with the "Ask a questions for a Live Q&A session" in a bubble.

Lunch and Learns, Office Hours, Ask-Me-Anythings — run them all at scale with Live Q&A

three different examples of Live Q&A questions and the upvotes on the questions.

Across every department— employees can share what’s got them stumped

Examples of Live Q&A questions:

What objection-handling techniques work well for you?
How do you set up a new landing page?
What are some techniques you use for debugging and testing code efficiently?
Customer success:
How to plan and develop a customer partnership roadmap?
What are helpful tips and best practices for interviewing?
How do I decide my long-term career goals?
Graphic showing the interface where users will ask a question for a Live Q&A session
A screenshot of a Live Q&A dashboard with 14 upvotes.

Discover where there are knowledge gaps; popular questions rise to the top

Employees can upvote and follow questions that capture their interest to keep up with developments.

A screenshot of a Live Q&A dashboard showing someone volunteering to host the session.

Reveal experts; those with answers host video sessions to help others learn

Employees who are experts on a topic can volunteer to host the Live Q&A.

Zoom, Teams, Webex—use the tools you already know

When you’re ready to host a session, Live Q&A integrates seamlessly with all video conferencing tools. Schedule the session with the click of a button and everyone following the topic will be invited.

A graphic showing 12 participants on a video conference call. The logos of Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet float around it.