Grow meaningful mentoring relationships

Build a productive and sustainable culture by connecting every employee with supportive mentors and peers.
Female and male coworkers discussing a project in an office

For employees to be at their best they need meaningful relationships with peers and mentors

Employees with close relationships with peers are 50% happier.
Source: Gallup
69% of employees are experiencing burnout symptoms while working from home. Building meaningful connections with other employees is crucial to mitigating burnout.
Source: Gallup
Employees that feel supported by friends at work are 7 times more likely to be engaged in their work.
Source: Gallup
Two colleagues, a male and female, sitting on a coach in a meeting room looking at a laptop

Reenergize your well-being strategy by strengthening the connections between employees

Employees want to work at companies where they’ll find community and grow. Leverage Together’s employee connection platform to ensure every employees has a support network.
A screenshot of Together's mentoring dashboard showing 600 participants, 240 active pairings, and other details of the well being mentorship program. Together mobile interface also shows a mentor-mentee pairing.

Leading companies use Together to support workplace wellness strategies

Give employees the supportive community they need with intelligent pairings

Ensure every employee has mentors and peers to rely on.
Our pairing algorithm will suggest relevant mentors or peers based on the goals and development needs of each employee.
 on Together's platform. The mentor and mentee's headshots are shown side by side with a banner under them saying "great match." The areas they were paired on show they share the same location, North America and want to discuss public speaking skills
Product screenshot of Together's platform showing the Health Monitor Dashboard in a mentoring program

Mitigate burnout before it becomes a problem with robust reporting

You’ll gain deep insight into how your teams are doing using qualitative feedback, pairing relevancy scores, progress towards goals, and more.

Give employees space to discuss the things that matter to them

Employees don’t need another meeting in their calendars. Our templated agendas will guide employees through conversations around crucial topics like work-life balance, finding time to reflect, and life-long learning.
A screenshot of Together's mentoring platform showing the session plan for a mentor-mentee pair with session 1 completed

How to reduce burnout:
6 solutions for thriving workplaces

Burnout silently undermines all of the great work our organizations are trying to accomplish. And the pandemic only exacerbated the challenges, leading to new records of burnt-out employees. This white paper will empower your organization to enact meaningful changes that help employees build meaningful relationships that lead to more fulfilling jobs.
The cover of Together's white paper, How To Reduce Burnout

Support employee well-being with a best-in-class mentoring program. See Together’s platform in action.

Graphic of Together's rating of 4.9 out of 5 on the G2 review site with a recognition for being the most user friendly mentorship software