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Mentorship for People & Culture Professionals

Join the PeopleFirst mentorship program to connect professionals across HR, Learning & Development, Recruitment and People Ops.
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Apply by October 9 to qualify for our Fall '19 batch
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Industry experts from leading companies

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Avery Francis
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We’re taking a limited number of applicants for our Fall ’19 Mentorship batch

How the Mentorship Program Works

  1. Program Deadline.
    Apply to join the fall program by October 9. We're accepting a limited number of applicants for a 4-6 month program. After application, we welcome you to invite others that could benefit from mentorship in the HR learning & development space.
  2. Program Start.
    We'll follow up to invite you to the program, you'll hear back by September 15th at the latest.
  3. Getting matched.
    Depending on your availability, experience, skills, and goals, you will be matched with a mentor as well as a mentee. As a mentee, you'll be provided a shortlist of mentors to rank based on your preferences and sent and email with your mentor.  
  4. The initial commitment.
    You agree to meet once every 2 weeks for 30 minutes for 4 months.  Depending on schedules, it may take 6 months to complete your sessions. After, you're free to join the following cohort, or to continue meeting your current mentor.
  5. Holding sessions.
    Meet up in person, or hop onto a quick video call, it's your choice! We recommend meeting in person for the first session, but it's up to you to plan your following sessions.
  6. Goal & skill driven development.
    After your initial meeting, together you'll set goals and plans for skill development. This is where accountability from mentorship comes in, to work towards tangible outcomes.

About the Program

Together and Bloom are partnering to bring mentorship to the people leaders in Toronto through the PeopleFirst Program.

While Slack groups, conferences, and coffee chats have their place for networking, we believe that the most positive personal growth happens with strong personal relationships guided through mentorship. By signing up, you're opening yourself up to working 1-on-1 with someone to focus on career and skill development.

Our goal is to create a mentorship opportunity that connect the top people leaders in People Ops, HR, Recruitment, Learning & Development, both junior and senior leaders. in the city to share knowledge, skills, and motivation to build their careers in People Operations, L&D, and HR.

Growth comes not only from receiving mentorship as a mentee, but also from giving mentorship, guidance, and coaching as a mentor. By connecting the experts in our city, our goal is to strengthen and enable personal growth in the Toronto People community.

Our Story

At Together we started building mentorship tools after working at the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and experienced first-hand the benefits of a strong mentorship culture. Our mission is to bring this strong culture of mentorship to the rest of the working world, after hearing about the lack of guidance and career mentorship from a number of our friends.

After spending the summer in the Bay area for Y Combinator (S19), we're establishing our headquarters in Toronto, and want to give back to the booming Toronto business ecosystem.

We've partnered with Avery Francis from Bloom to build and manage the program. Bloom is a collective of people leaders and talent experts that help companies strategically grow and retain talent. Bloom partners with early to mid-stage companies who are looking to connect with the best talent the industry has to offer. They focus on helping companies build diverse teams, develop equitable hiring systems and design inclusive hiring practices where people can bring their authentic selves to work.

Industry experts from leading companies

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions about the program and how it works. Feel free to reach out to us if you have further questions.
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How long is the program?
The initial meeting stage of the program will be 4-6 months. This will provide time to work on goals and skills. After this point, we'll work with you to continue the relationship, or stop it.
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I don't live in Toronto, can I still participate?
Yes, although your match is dependent upon how many registrants opt in for remote mentorship. The program is run in Toronto so that there is an opportunity for participants to meet in person.
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How do you track the sessions for our mentorship?
We'll cover more details later, but we sync with calendar invites between participants. Simply send a 1-on-1 calendar invite, and add as a third participant.

We'll use this as a way to send reminders about meetings, as well as match it to our app to schedule your progress.
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What if I don't like my mentor/mentee?
Give it a fair shot! Sometimes the best learning and relationships are rooted in differences between people. It can be helpful to hear things from a different perspective, even if you don't agree with someone. Have you ever not gotten along with someone, only to have them grow on you after time?

If after 2 sessions it's still not working out, we can pair you with a different mentor/mentee if necessary.
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Why aren't you charging for this?
While there are plenty of paid options for coaching and mentoring, this program is predicated on building real relationships in the People & Culture community, not just skills in exchange for monetary incentives. We believe mentoring is the best way to build a genuine network, meet new people, and develop together.
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How do you choose who to accept?
We're starting with a small group that has a balance of experienced mentors as well as motivated mentees who are in the people & culture space. We will read through all of the applications, and put together our first cohort.

While there is no guarantee that everyone will be matched or will be able to participate, our goal is to build an inclusive program of career-driven professionals that are willing to take the program seriously, to keep the quality high.