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Your next diversity, equity, and inclusion initiative? Mentorship.

DEI initiatives are more important than ever and mentorship programs are proven to make a difference. Diversity focused mentorship programs support and empower minority employees in their careers, develop their skills and network to increase leadership succession, while fostering a strong company culture. Mentorship programs are a great way to support your ongoing diversity and inclusion agenda, and ensure that all employees feel heard and supported.
Launch Your Program

Pave the way to a more inclusive future with a diversity mentoring program

Foster a workplace that values diversity and multicultural inclusion. With a two-way mentoring program, both mentors and mentees can gain access to beneficial connections and resources that offer them support.

Diversify your workplace, workforce, and leaders

Foster a more creative and productive company with diverse peer-to-peer learning. Increase minority representation among managers in the workplace

Strengthen and build out existing support groups

Use mentorship to support your efforts in creating a great company culture that improves employee engagement.

Attract the best talent with employee diversity programs

A peer-to-peer diversity mentoring program welcomes your potential hires with existing support groups.

Support all of your employee communities with mentorship programs

Create fully-customizable programs tailored for each employee resource group, diversity, or cross-cultural initiative. Provide the right resources for diversity in the workplace so your employees are empowered to help your organization learn and grow.

Distribute resources and content that support each group’s needs

Support your employees with accessible DEI resources. Upload learning resources to your programs and agendas so that both mentors and mentees can take advantage of them.

By providing employees with supplemental learning materials tied directly to your DEI program, you can foster deeper conversations on diversity and inclusion. Discourse goes a long way in building empathy and building an empowering environment.

Show tangible progress with a diversity program driven by data

Ensure your employee resource groups and diversity initiatives are truly empowering minority members. Use Together’s powerful reporting tools to report on the number of diversity pairings, discussion topics per session, mentorship health, and other metrics of success.

Keep your executives, sponsors, and all stakeholders informed on how mentorship is changing the face of diversity, equity, and inclusion at your company.

Start the conversation with planned exercises ahead of each session
Focus on generating discussions in mentoring sessions with thinking exercises and questions sent ahead of each session to promote thoughtful reflection.
Inclusion doesn’t just happen, it needs to be designed and implemented
Initiatives need to be thoughtfully put together to create an inclusive environment. Mentoring is a valuable experience that you can provide to connect employees and foster inclusivity.
Build common experiences between employees to foster inclusion
By bringing people together through mentorship, you’re creating common experiences for your program participants. Common experiences help build a stronger and more inclusive culture.
Help diverse employees get better access to leadership roles
Transformation doesn’t happen overnight. Empower your diverse groups with access to mentoring from senior leadership.
Keep up with your cohorts' success with just-in-time reports
Together gives you the power to understand who is meeting for mentorship, and provides tools to troubleshoot to keep everyone in your program on track.
Custom surveys help you learn more about your diverse groups’ needs
Learn more about what your underrepresented groups need to be empowered with custom surveys.
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Set your Organization Apart with Mentorship

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