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Amplify the voices of your underrepresented employees

Diversity mentoring programs and employee resource groups are integral to company support and culture. Take these programs a step further by using a formal mentoring program to ensure long-term success.
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Pave the way to a more inclusive future with a diversity mentoring program

Foster a workplace that values diversity and multicultural inclusion. With a two-way mentoring program, both mentors and mentees can gain access to beneficial connections and resources that offer them support.

Diversify your workplace, workforce, and leaders

Foster a more creative and productive company with diverse peer-to-peer learning.

Strengthen and build out existing support groups

Use mentorship to support your efforts in creating a great company culture that improves employee engagement.

Attract the best talent with employee diversity programs

A peer-to-peer diversity mentoring program welcomes your potential hires with existing support groups.

Support all of your employee communities with mentorship programs

Create fully-customizable programs tailored for each employee resource group, diversity, or cross-cultural initiative. Provide the right resources for diversity in the workplace so your employees are empowered to help your organization learn and grow.

Distribute resources and content that support each group’s needs

Support your employees with accessible resources. Upload learning resources to your programs and agendas so that both mentors and mentees can take advantage of them.

Drive organizational progress with diversity programs driven by data

Ensure your employee resource groups and diversity initiatives are truly empowering minority members. Use Together’s powerful reporting tools to keep track of the number of diversity pairings, mentorship statuses, and other metrics of success.

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