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Leverage the power of your people

Diversity is one of the driving forces of company productivity and success. Having diversity initiatives and employee resource groups are a great way to diversity the workplace, but formal mentoring programs take it a step further by ensuring that everyone is fairly considered and has help with their career ladder.
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employee resource group programs:
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Let your employees
know you’re there for them

Focusing on diversity and multicultural inclusion for your minority employees indicates that you value their time and work. With a two-way mentoring program, mentors and mentees can gain access to beneficial connections and resources that show you’re there to support them.

Encompass all your
initiatives with multiple programs

Create fully-customizable programs specifically tailored for each employee resource group, diversity, or cross-cultural initiative. Features like invite-only participation and email, Slack, and calendar integration make it a breeze for your organizers.

Easily distribute resources and content links

Accessible resources are a source of support and knowledge for minority employees. Upload resources to your programs and agendas so that both mentors and mentees can view and utilize them.

In-depth reporting
focused on diversity

Ensure your employee resource groups and diversity initiatives are truly empowering minority members by keeping track of the number of diversity pairings, mentorship statuses, and other metrics of success.

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