Revamp your onboarding with mentorship

Mentoring and buddy programs help transition new hires, shorten their time to productivity and build lasting relationships.
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Join leading organizations using Together to set up new hires for success through mentoring

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Make it easy to foster meaningful connections on day one

You've invested in hiring, onboarding, and training. Now what? Ensure new hires are on track to succeed by easily matching them with mentors or buddies.

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It can’t be understated: first impressions matter

70% of new hires still feel unprepared, even after the onboarding process.
Source: Gallup
Onboarding ‘buddies’ act as a springboard for new hires to meet other co-workers.
Source: MIT Sloan Management Review
56% of new employees want to connect with a mentor within their first week.
Source: BambooHR
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Help new hires foster meaningful relationships on day 1

Make sure every employee joining feels welcomed and a part of the culture. Together’s pairing algorithm will match mentors and mentees based on shared skills, interests, or goals.

Structured mentoring sessions during onboarding ramp up employees faster

Provide onboarding buddies with session agendas that keep new employees on track to ramp up quickly. Choose from our templated agendas that include videos, thought provoking discussion questions, and engaging activities.

Uncover how mentorship is helping employees grow

Together’s reporting features demonstrate the impact of mentorship on your onboarding program. Know who’s engaged, needs more attention, where each pair is growing, and more. Easily report on the ROI of onboarding.

“Cooley’s mentorship programs have been creative, customizing their meeting agendas and making each onboarding program unique. Their program shows their commitment to building a strong workforce by supporting each employee’s growth.”

Jai Chaggar
Director of Customer Success

Launch an onboarding buddy program that sets up employees for success

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