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Pair up your Onboarding Buddies with ease

Companies with strong onboarding buddy programs have better productivity levels, satisfaction, and employee retention. Create an onboarding mentorship program for new hires that builds long-lasting relationships, educates quickly, and facilitates seamless transitions for both new and existing employees.
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Easily scale and
organize your onboarding buddy program

Whether you have five new hires or a class of one hundred interns in your orientation group, Together makes all steps of the onboarding process easy and efficient.

Set up your new employees for success right from the start

Learning the core values and makeup of an organization is essential to integrating new members. Set agendas that help them learn who the executives are, what teams they oversee, and what they really care about.

Make sure every new hire gets an onboarding buddy

Finding the best people to pair together for onboarding can be time-consuming and tedious. Instead, put pairing in the hands of a high-quality algorithm and make sure new employees have the best onboarding buddy they can get.

See how well your new hires are doing, all in one place

Use in-depth reporting tools so that no one slips through the cracks. Find out how many mentoring sessions your new members have had and track their progress to ensure that they are being set up with the tools for success.

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Set your Organization Apart with Mentorship

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