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Facilitate meaningful connections from afar

As remote work and working from home grow more popular, organizations must continue emphasizing culture and community despite physical distance. A strong mentorship program allows your employees to get to know others, learn new skills, and really feel like a part of the company, wherever they are in the world.
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Make the most out of
your employee network

Customizable and adjustable matching processes make sure that distance isn’t a problem when it comes to fostering great mentor-mentee relationships within your company.

Flexible programs that
fit any remote work need

Create the mentorship program that works best for your company structure. Agendas and uploadable resources allow you to focus mentorships on what’s important, whether it’s learning necessary skills or fostering a great community.

Make long-distance communication hassle-free

Schedule, take notes, and even video call for mentoring sessions all on the same page. All-in-one integration makes it simple for both mentors and mentees to make the most out of their remote interactions.

Foster best practices
for working from a distance

Communication and accountability are some of the most important factors for ensuring success in remote work. Together’s built-in scheduling, note-taking, and reporting tools help both mentors and mentees keep these values at the forefront of their minds.

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