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Working remotely doesn’t have to disconnect employees from company culture

It can be challenging for remote workers to engage with the company culture when they aren't connecting with mentors and peers regularly. With Together, start a flexible mentorship program where every employees has meaningful connections with their colleagues.

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Whether remote or hybrid, build a culture rooted in relationships

It’s hard to build a strong company culture in a remote workplace. That's why you have Together — to combat loneliness, isolation, and disconnection by offering employees a simple but powerful solution: mentorship.

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Give remote work the human factor it needs

20% of remote workers struggle with feelings of isolation.
Source: Buffer
70% of employees see friendships work as the most important element of a happy work-life.
Source: Future Workplace
Remote work will only increase: 3-4x more employees will end up working from home permanently than before the pandemic.
Source: McKinsey
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Uncover the best mentor for every remote team member

It’s easy to feel stuck in a silo while working remotely. Together's pairing algorithm surfaces the most relevant mentors for every remote worker. Break down barriers and enable the connections that lead to growth.

Be remote-friendly; we integrate with the tools you already use

Book virtual sessions using Zoom, Google Hangouts, and other video conferencing solutions. Session agendas keep employees on track with growth-focused discussion topics.

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Gain insight into your remote work program's performance

Together’s reporting features show the impact of mentorship. See which employees are engaged, if any need attention, their feedback, and more.

“The software is very easy to use, very clear and intuitive. It provides really good support with building a mentoring relationship and a lot of great content. Furthermore the team is very supportive, quick to reply and very motived. It is a joy to work with them.”

Marina Illerhues
L&D Professional, Randstad
Employees who participated in Randstad's mentoring program we 49% less likely to leave the company.

Launch your remote mentoring program. Together makes it easy. See how.

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