Attract and retain talent by starting a mentorship or peer learning program

Become a company known for accelerating employee growth with Together’s world-class mentorship and peer learning programs.
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The number speak for themselves:
mentorship supports recruitment and retention

Randstad decreased turnover by 49% among employees in a mentorship program powered by Together.
Source: Together
Millennials who have mentors are 68% more likely to stay at a company for more than 5 years.
Source: Deloitte
Retention rates for employees who are mentors or mentees are 20% higher than employees who are not.
Source: Wharton University of Pennsylvania
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The best companies leverage Together to level up their retention strategies and employer branding

With employee connection programs:

You’ll attract more top
talent to apply for your open requisitions.
Your existing employees won’t dream of leaving because they’d be giving up great opportunities to learn and grow.
You’ll build a compelling employer brand that
employees love.
Your company culture will be more inclusive and employees will have a sense of belonging.

Calculate the impact mentorship can
have on your turnover costs

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Drive retention with a best-in-class mentoring program. Learn more about how Together’s platform makes it easy to get started.

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