Accelerate employee advancement

Mentoring programs are the best way to nurture high potential employees and to develop their leadership skills.
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Join leading companies using Together to launch impactful leadership programs

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Uncover potential leaders from across your organization

Mentorship enables individualized leadership development. Together’s platform is the easiest and fastest way to connect your current leaders with those that will champion your company in the next generation.

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Investing in your high potentials improves the whole organization

Employees supported  by leaders work 21% harder than their colleagues.
Source: Gartner
Companies that invest in identifying and developing top talent see disproportionately stronger financial performance.
Source: Rutgers University
High performers are 400% more productive than average ones
Source: McKinsey
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Instantly find every high potential employee a relevant mentor

High potential employees will build profiles outlining their goals and experiences. Together's advanced algorithm will then recommend the most relevant leaders from across your organization to be their mentors.

Go deeper than coffee chats. Tailored agendas drive growth

High potentials learn best from feedback for continuous improvement. Give mentors the resources they need to coach their mentees. Throughout the program, mentees will self-assess their skills and goals to measure their development.

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Insight leads to innovation. Built-in reporting makes it clear

Our suite of reporting tools reveals how your high potentials are growing. Know which employees are most engaged or need attention according to our Health Monitor.

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The definitive guide to high potential talent programs

Your top talent is thinking about their next move. Guidance and structure will win them over, so you don’t have to worry about having them leave your company. Learn how to keep your top talent engaged while leading them into meaningful roles where they can make the most impact.

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