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Hang on to your high potentials and future leaders

Build mentoring programs to give your most promising talent a chance to shine, before they decide to go elsewhere. Mentorship is the key to growing and retaining your top talent, as well as to supporting your company during succession planning and leadership shifts.
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with high potential programs:
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Pair high potentials with your executives in structured programs

Executives are busy people, but working with high potential talent is one of the best ways to find successors. With a guided high potentials program, mentors and mentees are led through a well-structured learning journey of sessions centered around meaningful conversation and actionable learning.

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Start with out-of-the-box agendas and tasks for your high potential talent and future leaders. Give them the opportunity to develop and grow with stretch goals that they can work through with their mentor.

Stuck on the best way to implement your high potential program? Read our guide here.

Built-in tools for executive assistants

Scheduling sessions, leaving notes, and submitting feedback can all be done by executive assistants, making the whole program effortless. Your executives will love how easy it is to build new mentoring relationships.

Participants learn from feedback for continuous improvement

Mentees self-assess skills and goals throughout the program to measure their development. Use in-depth reporting tools to gain insight into mentorship progress and inform improvements to your high potential program over time.

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