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Give new managers the tools for success

Set your organization up for long-term success and build well-trained and experienced managers from within using a strong management mentorship program.
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Learn skills from experienced managers at your company

Senior managers have a wealth of information to pass down to their successors. Implement comprehensive agendas in your new manager training and mentorship program to facilitate this transfer of knowledge.

New manager training that’s specific to your company

Each program is customizable and adjustable so that you can make it unique to your company’s needs. Pass down the knowledge, skills, and leadership styles that are integral to your organization while also emphasizing important values.

Supplement new manager training with ongoing mentorship sessions

Set your new managers up for success. Lead them through an effective cycle of skill training, application and evaluation.

Make sure your new managers are on the right track

Use comprehensive reporting tools to ensure that both mentors and mentees are accomplishing the necessary tasks, as well as review how your program is doing.

How mentorship helps new managers

Practice giving 1-on-1s

Practicing listening, coaching skills and constructive feedback with regular mentorship sessions.

Talk through real scenarios

Problem solve and learn from peers who have been in the same shoes.

Learn soft skills from experienced colleagues

Get advice on communication, teamwork, and other important skills.

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Set your Organization Apart with Mentorship

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