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Give new managers the tools
for success

Well-trained and experienced managers are key facilitators and problem solvers, providing huge value to your company. Providing a strong management mentorship program is one of the best ways to build these leaders from within and ensure long-term success.
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Use senior managers
to transfer culture and knowledge

Senior managers have a wealth of information to pass down to their successors. Implement comprehensive agendas in your new manager training and mentorship program to facilitate this transfer of knowledge.

Make management
training company-specific

Each program is customizable and adjustable so that you can make it unique to your company’s needs. Pass down the knowledge, skills, and leadership styles that are integral to your organization while also emphasizing important values.

Teach feedback best practices

Being a manager takes a lot of responsibility and communication. Train your new managers’ accountability and feedback skills by using Together’s built-in scheduling, note-taking, and reporting tools.

Make sure your new managers are on the right track

Use comprehensive reporting tools to ensure that both mentors and mentees are accomplishing the necessary tasks, as well review how your program is doing.

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