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10 Virtual Team Building Activities for Your Remote Employees

September 28, 2020

All teams need activities to create connections and that need is more apparent for remote teams. It can be a challenge to build a good rapport among team members when they are not in the same room or even geographical location. However, team building can be done virtually, which helps strengthen your team. 

What is virtual team building?

When you are working with a remote team it can be difficult to get everyone on the same page. However, it is important that team members work well together and are able to collaborate. This is where team building activities and games come in. These activities and games can help a team connect quickly so they can work together better. It is important to have a strategy around virtual team building activities. You can consider some ways to bring a more human connection to your remote team. 

Taking some time to incorporate virtual team building games into your routine can have a number of advantages. Some of the benefits of team building activities are:

  • better collaboration
  • higher employee engagement
  • less disconnected feelings
  • reduce turnover rate
  • improve productivity
  • better team communication

You can also achieve these benefits through a workplace mentoring program, including one that is designed for your remote employees. The idea is to create connections and bonds between your employees and your teams. 

Team building activities for remote employees

Creating bonding activities for your remote team doesn’t have to be difficult. Any game or activity that allows your team to get to know each other better is a good fit. Here are some of the best team building games you can do through a screen. 

  1. Photo share: Have employees share one photo of their life. Then they can tell the team the story behind the photo. This is one of the best ways to help your remote team create a connection with each other. These photos will show other team members something special about the employee while the story behind the photo adds color. 
  2. Home tour: Similar to the photo-sharing activity, have your employees create a video tour of their homes that they can share with other team members. This type of activity offers teammates the opportunity to see inside the lives and spaces of each other. It is good for establishing an understanding between team members and a feeling of connection. For larger teams, it may be best to have one member show a video each week rather than try to watch all the videos at once. 
  3. Popular online games: If your team has a playful side, consider a virtual round of charades or Pictionary. This can create a lot of laughs, which cultivates a more relaxed atmosphere. These activities are great to bring out the creativity in your remote teams. 
  4. Words with friends: Developing a collaborative atmosphere may be as easy as games like Words with Friends, which is like an online version of Scrabble. You can pair employees up and they can work together to create words and gain points. 
  5. Bucket list sharing: Everyone has something they still want to achieve in their lives. Ask your remote employees to name one thing that is still on their bucket list. This activity can help break the ice for teams that are just starting to work together. It helps employees get to know one another and may even lead to friendships, particularly if employees have the same goals. 
  6. Who is it guessing game: A really fun way for remote teams to get to know each other is to play a who is it guessing game. Have each employee submit a little-known personal fact about themselves. Then read or post the fact for the other team members to read but don’t tell them who it is about. Rather, ask them to guess who they think the fact belongs to. This type of guessing game can cultivate connectedness among your remote team members. 
  7. Trivia contests: Trivia is always a fun game for remote teams. You can either play it live during a web meeting or post some questions for your team to read throughout the week. Have them guess at the answers and then reveal them. This can be a fun way to connect teammates with each other and start some great conversations. 
  8. Simulated dilemmas: To help your virtual team get comfortable working with each other, consider team building activities that revolve around simulated dilemmas. Customize the challenge to fit your remote team. For example, you can ask your communications team how they would handle a situation that involved your organization being involved in a scandal. This activity can help your remote team exercise their creativity, innovation, and problem-solving muscles. 
  9. Remote book club: Allowing your virtual employees to connect over hobbies or personal interests is a great boon for team building. Encourage your team to develop their own book club where they can read a book together and discuss the issues or ideas that come up in the story. Creating a space where your remote team can socialize with one another will lead to a stronger team mentality. 
  10. Remote scavenger hunt: This fun game can be played with your remote team. Simply split your team into different groups. Then, send out a list of items that your remote employees need to find. Groups can divide up the items among each other and use their mobile devices during the search to stay connected. The first group to send in a photo of the item gets the point. 

Regardless of where your remote employees are based or what their backgrounds are, team building activities and games are vital to creating a productive, collaborative, and engaged team. 

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