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4 Types of Events to Boost Mentoring Program Participation

Boost your mentoring program participation with strategic events. Discover 4 types of mentoring events to keep your program dynamic and engaging.


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July 9, 2024

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You’ve gotten buy-in from your leadership team, invested in a mentorship software solution, and sent out invitations to all eligible participants—now it’s time to promote your mentorship program. Events are a great way to boost momentum and engage both mentors and mentees. 

Mentoring events are strategically planned activities designed to promote, support, and enhance participation in mentorship programs. When done correctly, these events spark excitement, build momentum, and increase engagement. Let’s take a closer look at four types of mentoring events that will help you boost participation and increase engagement.

4 types of workplace mentoring events

Successful mentorship programs thrive on regular interaction and a strong sense of community. Mentoring events are vital to nurturing these elements and keeping your program dynamic. Here are four impactful event types you can use for maximum impact:

1. Program kick-offs

The program kick-off is your chance to ignite excitement. It sets the stage for a successful mentorship journey. You can do kick-offs in two different ways:

  • Cohort-based programs: Hold the kick-off just before registration opens to generate buzz and capture early sign-ups.
  • Evergreen programs: Schedule a kick-off at launch and repeat it annually. This way, new hires and veterans alike will learn about the program's ongoing value.
Source: Mentorship Masterclass: How to Promote Your Mentorship Program

Pack the event with valuable content. Include program details, timelines, and any logistics participants might need. But the real stars are past mentors and mentees. Invite them to share their experiences. Their stories will resonate with potential participants and showcase the program's transformative power. By the end, attendees should be eager to jump in and forge their own mentoring connections.

2. Office hours

Strong mentoring programs rely on open communication. That's why office hours are crucial.

Think of office hours as regular check-ins on your mentorship journey. They offer mentors a chance to provide fresh perspectives and help mentees gain confidence by tackling challenges together.

The key? Keep the atmosphere informal and welcoming. This way, everyone feels comfortable joining in whenever they need support.

But don’t view office hours as just a time for questions and answers. Use them to solve common challenges and celebrate successes, big and small. Keep the program's goals front and center.

Office hours give you a chance to build a supportive community. So, make sure everyone feels heard and valued. This helps turn quiet voices into active, engaged members.

Source: Mentorship Masterclass: How to Promote Your Mentorship Program

3. Mentor or mentee expert panels

Mentor/mentee expert panels are events where past participants share their experiences. Think of them as live "ask me anything" sessions.

For mentors, it's a chance to learn from seasoned guides. They can ask how to handle tricky situations or inspire their mentees better. Mentees, on the other hand, can gain insights from those who've walked their path. They get tips on how to make the most of their mentorship.

Keep these sessions informal and welcoming. Encourage open and honest discussions. This setting breaks down barriers and builds trust. It's also a fantastic way to promote internal networking.

When planning these panels, invite engaging and relatable speakers. They should be passionate about mentoring and willing to share their journey. This will make the session more impactful.

4. Graduation ceremonies

Graduation ceremonies are a powerful way to end your mentoring programs. They help:

  • Share the program’s success with the wider organization
  • Create champions among past participants
  • Inspire future cohorts through their impact 

AAA uses graduation ceremonies as an integral part of their promotion strategy. They schedule events where all graduating participants share their experiences. These events celebrate their accomplishments and encourage them to continue their journey. Often, mentees return as mentors, showing a natural progression within the program.

Source: Mentorship Masterclass: How to Promote Your Mentorship Program

Start by reminding attendees of the original goals and show how the program met or exceeded its targets. Share metrics like registration numbers, participant engagement, and mentorship ratings.

Graduation ceremonies often blend presentations with panel discussions. If you are planning to go that route, invite a few willing participants to join a quick panel. Ask them about their experiences and how the program has helped their growth. Include both mentors and mentees for a balanced perspective. Even a 30 to 45-minute event can have a big impact and give participants a real sense of accomplishment.

Source: Mentorship Masterclass: How to Promote Your Mentorship Program

Level up your mentorship events with Together

Great mentorship thrives on impactful events. But managing invites and templates and keeping attendees engaged can be a time sink. Together’s new events features cut through the noise. This lets you focus on what truly matters – building connections and sparking growth in your program.

  • Hit the ground running: Skip the stress of starting from scratch. Together provides pre-built event templates with best practices included. You can tweak them to fit your program's needs, ensuring a solid start every time.
  • Automate your invitations: Forget about manual invites. Together’s automation handles it for you. Set rules to invite the right participants automatically. This includes new members, so no one is left out.
  • Measure success like a pro: Curious about your events’ impact? Together gives you real-time data. Get clear insights into attendee engagement and overall program success. Use this to fine-tune your approach and get even better results.
  • Spark meaningful conversations: Prepared attendees make for deeper discussions. Together lets you send pre-event tasks and surveys. This gets participants ready and engaged before they arrive and sets the stage for valuable conversations.

Ready to elevate your mentorship events? Learn more about Together’s events feature and discover how it can transform your mentoring program.

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