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Together raises $5M to fix learning at work

Together has raised $5 million USD led by Altair with participation from TRAC, Garage, Rebel, Funders Club to fix learning at work.

Matthew Reeves

CEO of Together

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January 14, 2022

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As we move quickly into the new year, our team is excited to share some good news. We’re thrilled to announce that Together has raised $5 million USD to fix learning at work

We have an incredible team of investors led by Altair with participation from TRAC, Garage, Rebel, Funders Club. They have supported inspiring companies like Slack, Miro, and Instacart. With their funding, we’ll be fast-tracking our mission to help every employee find and learn from peers, mentors, or experts at their company. 

Our product is relied upon by some of the biggest, most innovative companies in the world—and 2022 is set to be our biggest year yet. 

4 years ago until today

My co-founder, Nathan, and I started Together in 2018, but the idea went back further. Prior to founding Together, we both worked at Boston Consulting Company (BCG). While there, we experienced first-hand what world-class professional development looked like. The investment BCG put in their people was and still is significant. We thought there was an opportunity to bring the same professional development to all companies in a scaled way through software. We didn’t see any meaningful solutions available so we set out to build one. 

Now, Together is the best way for organizations to connect their employees to learn from one another. 

It feels like ages ago that Nathan and I were running up and down the streets of Toronto trying to get our idea off the ground. We’re thankful for our customers like Randstad, Discovery Channel, Heineken, and many others, who have given us their confidence and feedback as we’ve grown. We can’t wait for what this new year has to bring.

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Employees don’t need another course; they need each other.

The pandemic globally disrupted how employees work. The biggest shock employees had to go through was not seeing their coworkers every day. Because of this, employee learning went into a crisis. It is well known that most employee learning happens socially, and critical informal learning opportunities are lost when everyone's remote. 

Most skills at work can't be learned independently: they're learned socially
Most skills are learned socially. 

In the past, companies didn’t have to worry about managing informal learning because it happened on its own. Today, however, it’s all changed—more teams than not are working remotely or have hybrid models.

Without human-to-human relationships, employees feel isolated. We need more meaningful ways to connect and learn, and companies are leveraging our software to step up. The same force that broke employee learning also created an opportunity. More company communication is happening over digital channels (e.g. Zoom, Slack etc.) than ever before. This makes it possible for software to improve and manage employee learning.

That’s what we’re building.

A better way to learn

At Together, our tool ensures every employee finds and learns from peers, mentors, or experts at their company. Rather than completing another online course mandated from above, employees can discover new skills and knowledge from experts they work alongside.

A junior employee can get invaluable face-to-face mentoring from an executive on how to level up their career. Similarly, a new manager can take on the new opportunity to lead alongside others like them. Additionally, members of global employee resource groups can connect with others like them to discuss their shared experiences and support one another.  These are just a few examples of how leading companies are using Together.

Companies can guarantee every employee has a peer, mentor, or expert to learn from—regardless of where employees are. Doing so not only accelerates workplace learning but fast tracks growth and builds a company culture where employees find belonging.

What’s next?

In 2022, we’re rolling out new ways for companies to accelerate employee learning. Here are a couple of examples of what’s on our road map:

  • Organizing group learning sessions
  • Identifying employees by subject matter expertise
  • Creating a habit of being able to find and connect with the right person within days

Our partners can also expect an updated user experience, more reporting features, integrations, and more. 

As we grow, we’re also looking for more talented individuals to help us transform learning at work. If you’re interested in building great products, helping us grow, or keeping our customers happy, we’d love to connect with you.

Lastly, we want to thank our team. Without their dedication, creativity, and confidence there’s no way we’d be where we are today.

We’re excited for this next chapter at Together, helping every employee find and learn from peers, mentors, or experts at their company.

The Together Team
The Together team.

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