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When is the right time for mentoring software?

August 12, 2019

Workplace mentoring programs have become an important element for many corporations around the nation. Statistics show that 71 percent of Fortune 500 companies have mentoring programs that they rely on to engage and motivate their employees. As with any business function software came about to suppor the process and there is now a wide selection of mentoring software coming onto the marketplace.

“Clearly, employees who have mentors earn more money, are better socialized into the organization and are more productive,” Terri Scandura, a dean at the graduate school at the University of Miami has said

“They experience less stress and get promoted more rapidly. Because of the positive benefits shown to mentors, companies are still very interested in this process.”

Why mentoring software?

Whether you are just looking at developing a mentorship program or you want to upgrade a current workplace mentoring program, there are many good reasons to consider mentoring software. 

Mentoring software can help add order and organization to a mentoring program in the workplace. It can also help ensure the success of the program through scheduling, tracking and reporting features. 

Although some organizations may feel that mentoring software is only relevant when they have a high number of participants in their mentoring program. Yet, the attractive features of a mentoring software program can be beneficial to any workplace mentorship, regardless of how many people are involved. 

Mentoring software can help overcome several of the hurdles that stand in the way of a successful mentoring program such as a poor mentor-mentee match or a lack of data reporting. Many organizations have come to see mentoring software as more of an investment rather than a cost, especially because of its ability to bolster a workplace mentoring program and, in turn, the engagement and skill set of employees. 

Growing a mentoring program

One of the biggest measurements that organizations look at to gauge the success of their workplace mentoring program is the number of participants. While this can be a sign of a healthy mentoring program, it is also dependent on other factors such as the promotion of your mentoring program. The right platform helps you keep an eye on all the important KPIs.

In addition, over time workplace mentoring programs can start to see a decline in participants. This is sometimes due to a lack of promotion around the organization. However, by bringing in mentoring software, a workplace mentoring program can start to rebound and even grow. This is largely due to the advanced management capabilities of a mentoring software program like Together. 

One of the keys to a successful mentorship program in an organization is the mentor-mentee match. While making a good match can be time-consuming if the mentorship is done manually. In this setting an individual needs to review each application and take a guess at which employees will be a good fit. However, with mentoring software, that time-consuming process can take just minutes and the results are more adept at creating a good mentor-mentee match. 

In fact, because mentoring is based on a relationship, the more care that is given during the matching period the more likely the match, and mentoring program will be successful. Relationships can be tricky to make work, which is why getting a good mentor-mentee match at the outset is crucial to helping the participants succeed. 

Communication and connection between the mentor and mentee can also be enhanced through employing mentoring software. By integrating the system into your organization, the software is able to assist with scheduling between mentors and mentees, it can also simplify the communication process and monitor how the mentoring relationship is advancing. This can be helpful in identifying mentorships that are not working out. If there are a number of missed meetings or communication issues between a mentor and mentee, identifying them early is key to solving the problem.  

Gathering feedback

To ensure that a workplace mentoring program is meeting the objectives it was designed for there needs to be some level of reporting. This can include gathering feedback from the participants as well as data on whether or not the key objectives have been met. This means that each mentorship program will have its unique objectives that need to be measured. For example, if the workplace mentoring program was created to reduce turnover, the number of employees leaving the organization will need to be tracked. In the same way, if the goal of the mentoring program is to improve diversity among employees, information on how many minorities the company has hired should be reported. 

If this is left to one individual it can be time-consuming, which is another benefit of mentoring software. Together has been designed to create customized reports that contain all the important information a company needs to see how effective their mentoring program has been. Together has been developed to allow for customization of the reporting process. This means that an organization can define the data that is important to them. 

Together has a customizable HR dashboard, which is where the program’s reporting feature is located. A mentoring program manager simply needs to identify the information that is important to the organization. The software is then equipped to produce reports that highlight the relevant data. These customized reports can make it easier to determine if the workplace mentoring program is meeting the key performance indicators defined at the outset of the program. 

An addition features that Together offers is an option to integrate with a central reporting dashboard that provides simplicity and transparency for users.  


Investing in mentoring software sooner rather than later can help enhance an organization’s mentoring program. By utilizing features such as registration, pairing, scheduling, and reporting, the work of starting and managing a workplace mentoring program is reduced. Using mentoring software can give an organization the best chance of success with their mentoring program. Whether they are just starting a mentorship initiative or looking to strengthen a mentoring program that has been around a while, it is never too late or too early to employ a mentoring software program. 

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