Your single source of truth for all HR communications

Create engaging emails, manage multiple outboxes, and build accurate audience lists. Take the stress out of communications.
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Create beautiful, on-brand emails, employees will actually read

No need to chase down IT or designers, build engaging emails from customizable templates. Take the “mass” out of mass communication: personalize every email in an instant.

Collaborate without sending so many emails, about emails

Easily share drafts with key stakeholders for approval. Allow them to make direct edits, or comment where they have suggestions.

Easy to build audience lists without maintenance

Directly integrate your HRIS and build lists exactly as you want them. No maintenance required: lists update automatically making sure your audience is always accurate.

Speak to employees on their terms

Send communications how they’ll resonate best, from either email, Teams or Slack. Choose which outbox to send from, whether from a senior leader, or a general HR account, we make it easy.

Measure & optimize emails for more engagement

Our powerful analytics let you know which subject lines get the most opens, which content drives action, and who’s engaging with each email and when.
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