Elevate your employee experience with surveys

Get to the heart of employee feedback. Our survey tool makes it simple to collect, understand, and act on employee feedback.
Screenshot of Together's Surveys dashboard

Build a world class survey in minutes using templates

Take the guessing game out of survey building. Use a template as-is, customize, or easily build your own from scratch.
Examples of survey templates on Together Platform
Examples of survey building and integrations on Together Platform

Reach the right people, at the right time

Directly integrate your HRIS to segment your employee base. Schedule surveys or automate them based on set criteria (eg. reached 1 year milestone).

Boost response rates; speak to employees on their terms

Let employees choose how they want to receive surveys; email, Teams, Slack, and more. Watch submissions roll in with robust tracking.
Survey responses dashboard on Together Platform
Survey analytics on Together Platform

Get the full picture with powerful analytics

Save time sifting through data and making charts. Our robust reporting instantly summarizes results.

Confidently turn insight into meaningful action

Receive suggested next steps, allowing you to quickly act on survey results across employee groups.
Together's Surveys sends suggestions based on survey feedback