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Mentoring programs in the workplace are valuable HR assets. They have been noted for reducing turnover, attracting top candidates, and improving morale.


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May 6, 2019

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Setting up and managing a workplace mentoring program can be a time-consuming task. However, with mentoring software like Together, it doesn’t have to be. Our mentoring software program has been developed with some of the best features in the industry. These include a robust registration process, pairing and matching in minutes, and tracking and reporting automation.

Workplace Mentoring

Mentoring programs in the workplace are valuable HR assets and help get the most out of any team. They have been noted for reducing turnover, attracting and retaining top candidates, improving the morale of staff and enhancing the skills of your workforce. That is why 71 per cent of Fortune 500 companies have workplace mentoring programs.  However, creating one that really works well can be difficult. There are a number of steps that you can take to help you develop a successful workplace mentoring program. These include having a good plan before you implement the program, getting the support of leadership at your organization, promoting the program to attract participants and measuring the impact your workplace mentoring program has on employees.  

Together mentoring software has been designed to assist with the set up of a workplace mentoring program. Through its custom capabilities and attractive features, creating and managing a mentoring program at work can be a simple and streamlined process.


The most basic beginning of any workplace mentoring program is the registration process. Registration is the time when important information is gathered that can spell out a successful workplace mentoring program.

Most workplace mentoring programs have a questionnaire that both the mentor and the mentee are required to fill out.

Together’s mentoring software makes it simple to collect critical information from your employees in minutes. At the same time Together can leverage existing employee data to enrich the registration process and the data used in pairing, development, and reporting.

There is no limit to the number of mentors or mentees that you can register with our mentoring software.


A key ingredient for a successful mentoring program is to create the right pairing between mentor and mentee. In fact, some experts have stated bad matches can have a negative psychological impact on the individual. While there are no secrets to making the right match, there are some ways to make it easier.

Our mentoring software has been developed with a flexible algorithm that can create matches automatically. By using information collected during the registration process and any other employee data that you input, Together can make the best possible matches between participants. We also offer an unlimited number of mentees and mentor pairings.

Because there is so much riding on the mentor-mentee match, your organization deserves to have the best pairing method at its fingertips.


Together’s mentoring software has been designed to integrate smoothly with emails and calendars that your participants use regularly. These include Outlook and Gsuite. This helps everyone stay on schedule and not miss a meeting.

By sending out reminders, Together helps mentors and mentees meet regularly so that they can both get the most out of the relationship. Our mentoring software program also has the ability to track sessions using calendar integration.

We also offer integrations with single-sign-on, Learning Management Systems (LMS) and a Core HR systems (HRIS).


Reporting is one of the most important objectives of workplace mentoring, along with creating great matches. It is essential to gauge whether the program is a success or not. In order to conduct proper reporting, you will need to define your key performance indicators (KPIs) at the planning stage of developing your workplace mentoring program. Your KPIs are those things you can measure to see if your mentoring program is leading to the results that you wanted. For example, if your goal is to reduce employee turnover, you will want to measure how many employees left your organization both before and after you created your workplace mentoring program.

Our mentoring software revolves around a customizable HR dashboard for reporting. This feature helps make the mentoring program manager’s job easier with data extracts that can be customized to create a report that highlights the information that is important to your organization. There is also an option to integrate into a central reporting dashboard for simplicity and transparency.

Moreover, while Together’s software can make preparing the reports a breeze, it is what you do with that information that can make the difference for your workplace mentoring program.

Top User Experience

Together’s mentoring software can be used for mentors at different stages of their careers. Thus, it can be used over the long term to help organize and manage a workplace mentoring program.

In addition, the software has been developed to create a substantial user experience. Together’s mentoring software has white-labelling, HRIS integration, SSO and more that help enhance the user experience.

With our software, there is no limit to the number of mentors and mentees that you can manage, which makes it an ideal addition for large organizations trying to manage and track mentorships in a cross-organization setting.

Our customer service support includes in-app and email support for any mentoring software users. We also have phone support for the account administrator. For workplace mentoring managers who would like some guidance getting started we have implementation support.


Any size organization can benefit from using a mentoring software program like Together to help them implement, manage and excel with a workplace mentoring program. With features like a robust registration process, pairing and matching assistance, as well as scheduling and reporting capabilities, Together has helped simplify and streamline the work of a mentoring program.

Our mentoring software has been developed to offer top quality user experience, strong processing capabilities and reliable customer service. We offer a free demo so you can find out more about how Together can assist you with your workplace mentoring program. Contact us today.

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