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The top 7 online mentoring platforms for companies ready to launch

Here are the top 7 online mentoring platforms for companies that want to scale mentorship across their organization.

Ryan Carruthers

August 10, 2022

Mentoring has always been a popular way to help people learn and grow. But with the advent of the internet, mentoring has taken on a new form. Online mentoring platforms have become popular for people to connect with mentors worldwide.

There are a lot of different factors to consider when choosing an online mentoring platform for your company:

  • The size of your company, 
  • The type of industry you're in, and 
  • The budget you have for a mentoring program are all important things to think about.

But don't worry. We've done the research for you and compiled a list of the top seven online mentoring platforms. We'll go over the pros and cons of each one, so you can make an informed decision about which platform is right for your company.

Ready to get started? Let's jump in!

What is a mentoring platform?

A mentoring platform helps organizations to manage their mentorship programs. It enables mentors and mentees to exchange knowledge, advice, and support. These platforms usually offer a variety of features to facilitate the mentoring relationship, such as video conferencing, task tracking, scheduling, and session agendas.

Companies use mentoring platforms to support their employees' development or individuals seeking advice and guidance from more experienced professionals. There are many benefits to using a mentoring platform, such as:

  • Having all your participant information in one place;
  • Automating the matching process;
  • Reporting on outcomes and keeping track of relationships.

How does an online mentoring platform work?

An online mentoring platform makes pairing mentors and mentees much easier. Mentors and mentees are typically matched based on their areas of expertise and interests. This ensures that they share valuable insights and perspectives. 

When you automate matching, it’s much easier to scale your mentoring program.

Streamlines the process of pairing employees

Pairing employees is a critical part of any mentoring program. Online mentoring platforms make it easy to find mentors and mentees who share similar interests and expertise. The platform enables coordinators to track the progress of each pairing and ensure that the program goals are met.

To learn more about matching, read: Mentor matching: how to make career-changing pairings

Manages registration and keeps participant information in one place

Managing a mentoring program can be challenging, as it requires keeping track of participant information and scheduling meetups. These platforms make it easy to manage registration and keep participant information in one place. 

This way, it is easy to track who participates in the program and how they progress. By using online mentoring platforms, program coordinators save time and reduce the risk of errors.

To learn more about the registration process, see our Templated mentorship registration questions

Collects feedback and reports on results 

Mentoring software collects feedback and measures the program's success. Feedback can be collected through surveys, which help administrators understand what's working well and what needs to be improved. 

Reports help organizations identify areas where mentors and mentees need more support. It can also be used to assess the impact of mentoring on an organization's objectives. Show how many people have participated in the program, how often they meet, and other important data points.

To learn more about evaluating your mentoring program, read: How to measure, track and evaluate your mentoring program

Empowers multiple types of mentoring programs

Most online mentoring platforms are designed to support multiple types of mentoring programs. Organizations can use the same platform to manage one-on-one, group, and peer mentoring relationships. Each type of program has its benefits and can be tailored to your organization's needs.

To learn more about the different types of mentoring programs, read: The 5 mentoring models

What should you look for in an online mentoring platform?

The best mentoring platforms have each of the above qualities—In addition, here are five essential things to look for in an online mentoring platform:

Ease of use: The platform should be easy to use for mentors and mentees. It should have a user-friendly interface and be intuitive to navigate.

Ability to scale: As your mentorship program grows, you'll need a platform that accommodates more users. Ensure your chosen platform easily scales up to meet your needs.

Active customer support: If you have questions or encounter problems, you should be able to reach customer support easily.

Affordable: Of course, you'll also want to consider the cost of the platform. Ensure it fits within your budget and offers good value for money.

Knowledge sharing platform: The platform should have a knowledge sharing feature that allows mentors and mentees to share resources, such as articles, books, or websites.

How much does a mentoring platform cost?

While mentoring platforms vary in price, most charge on a per-user basis. So, the cost will depend on how many employees you have enrolled in the program. For example, Together charges $6 per user on our starter plan. But that’s only for active users. Not just emails in the program.

We've compiled the data we could find on the price for each mentoring platform below to give you an idea of what you can expect to pay.

Online mentoring platforms for companies to connect employees 

Several online mentoring platforms enable companies to connect with their employees easily. However, the ones we'll be reviewing here are the seven best platforms online.

Together mentoring platform

Together tops our list as the best mentoring platform. When it comes to professional development, mentoring is widely recognized as one of the most effective methods for employees to learn and grow. Yet, despite its well-documented benefits, many organizations struggle to implement mentoring programs that are impactful and meaningful.

This is where the Together mentoring platform comes in. Our platform accelerates employee growth through mentoring by enabling organizations to connect employees with mentors who help them develop skills and reach their full potential.

Core Features

Together software offers a variety of features that make mentoring more effective and rewarding. These include:

  • Registration

The first step in starting a workplace mentoring program is to gather information. This information is the foundation for making the program successful. 

Workplace mentoring programs usually have a questionnaire for both mentors and mentees to fill out. Together's software makes it easy to collect information from employees. We also use employee data to match mentors and mentees and to report on the program. 

With our software, you can register as many mentors and mentees as you like.

  • Pairing

It is important to find the right mentor for a mentee. A mismatch could have a negative effect on the mentee. There is no one way to make a perfect match, but Together software makes a perfect match easy. We use information from registrations and other employee data to create the best matches. 

Together's pairing algorithm automatically pairs a mentee to a mentor based on their objectives, goals, experience, and skill set. Plus, we offer unlimited mentor-mentee pairings.

  • Scheduling 

Together features smart nudges that ensure everyone is up to date. It automatically sets reminders for both the mentor and the mentee, which helps to keep everyone on track. It also integrates seamlessly with everyday tools like emails, calendar, GSuite and Outlooks.

Our mentoring system is hassle-free with single-sign-on, Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Core HR systems (HRIS). 

  • Reporting 

The software formulates reports based on the user's participation rates, pairing compatibility, and set goal completions, among other things. However, to make HR or program manager's job easier, there's an option to create a customizable dashboard that extracts data tailored to your organization's needs.

  • Surveys

Getting feedback from employees helps the company know its strengths and weaknesses. Together does not only assist companies in collecting feedback but also helps them to decipher and act upon the feedback immediately through the survey platform. 

  • Live Q&A

Before the end of the mentoring program, the participants are can hold several live Q&A sessions that address their pressing needs. Employees can follow and upvote questions that pique their interests to close their knowledge gap. Besides, there are loads of video support fixed into the software. The experts in various fields across different departments share their knowledge with the rest of the group.


  • Together mentoring platform offers free access to companies wanting start building their programs.
  • Together does not charge all the participants on the list. But rather charges only active users. The dormant participants on the list can stay on the platform without charges for as long as they want.


Heineken, New York Life, and Randstad


  • The only mentoring platform that offers a free plan
  • Together is easy to use, intuitive and integrates with most third-party tools
  • Extensive library resource that covers sessions agenda to guide on how to be a great mentor
  • It makes mentorship programming scalable, efficient, and possible with lots of customizable features


  • The free version doesn’t offer reporting features.

Reveiws (as posted on G2 and Capterra)

"The customer service for the platform is incredible! I've never worked with such a receptive and flexible team. They are open to suggestions, which means that our needs are heard and integrated incredibly quickly. This has allowed us to create an experience that is best suited for our organizational needs, and one that will continue to evolve with us."
"The system was quite easy to use, and it helped me to keep things goal oriented and guide conversations."
"Set-up is easy. Customer service is FABULOUS. Our Together representative made everything so simple for us, and was very responsive whenever we did have questions."


Chronus arms organizations with the tools needed to deliver mentoring programs for their employees. With Chronus MatchIQ Technology, you create future-ready mentoring relationships, ensuring that your employees are prepared for the challenges ahead. Its MatchIQ Technology creates excellent pairings that enable self-matches or matching by the program coordinator.

Core Features

  • Enroll

The onboarding process is straightforward, thanks to the pre-built templates. For rapid program enrollment, the collaboration tools and HRIS integrations come in handy. 

  • Match

Chronus comes with tons of matching styles ranging from a bulk match, self match, hybrid match, and admin match. The unique MatchIQ algorithm helps to link employees and employers with accuracy. 

  • Guide

At every stage of the program, some steps guide the mentees in the right direction. The push-up message stimulates the participants into action.  

  • Measure

The platform leverages the dashboard to help organizations evaluate the program's progress.

  • Grow

The software is designed to meet the current and future needs of the company. Plus, it provides DEI capacities and expertise. 


Not listed on the platform.


McGraw Hill, MetLife, Mercedes Benz


  • Easily accessible 
  • The MatchIQ algorithm simplifies the pairing process 


  • The users are unable to change between the mentor and mentee positions


"Reporting, matching and the customizable algorithm."
"easy to use, innovative, fun, and makes the administrative burden of mentoring no longer an issue."
"There aren't many downsides to the software. If I had to give it one criticism, I wish it would retain the metrics on users who we ultimately remove to open up seats for new users."


Mentorcliq is an online mentoring service designed for enterprise employees. The platform helps businesses excel by providing expert mentoring and guidance. With a focus on enterprise employees, they understand your workforce's challenges and needs. It was developed with retention and engagement in mind. This mentoring platform is well-known for one on one mentoring. Mentorcliq is accessible via web browser and mobile app, making it easier for users to use the platform. 

Core features

  • Launch

Initiating a mentoring program with Mentorcliq takes only 5 minutes. The participants' profiles are adjustable to suit the different programs available on the software. 

  • Match

Location is not a barrier when using the Mentorcliq mentoring program. The AI function makes the pairing process easy by helping your employees quickly discover and connect with their mentors. 

  • Engage

The mentoring goals are clearly stated from the onset, which aids the participants in being in sync with each other. 

The resource archive has all the materials needed for the mentoring journey. It includes videos, guides, worksheets, 

  • Measure

QuickcliQs (the app’s feature) are posted to every employee's inbox monthly to collate meaningful details about their mentoring progress. 


The price list is not listed.


  • 21st Century Fox, CardinalHealth, Linkedin, Goodyear, and Huntington. 


  • Exceptional customers support team  
  • It helps businesses tell stronger mentoring stories


  • The search feature needs more improvement.


"I have been utilizing MentorcliQ as a mentor and also as an admin for several years. The site is very easy to use, and it also uses science to help calculate a match percentage."
"The software was a great tool that was used when creating the partnership. The questions that were asked really did a wonderful job on pairing me with the perfect mentee."
"Another frustrating aspect (early on) was understanding all of the automation (e.g. backend communications) and how to make it work for us."


Qooper started as a software development firm before venturing to build a mentoring platform. They've developed software that has served organizations like Havard and Questex. With Qooper Mentoring Software's automation solutions, program managers can focus on growing and reporting. It connects mentors with potential mentees worldwide from different sectors, including universities, companies, large industries, and small firms. 

Core features

  • Design

The training manuals are pre-designed for easy access to numerous mentor-mentee resources. 

  • Develop 

Qooper develops coaching, mentorship, and training strategies for companies. 

  • Match

The algorithm and suggestions feature ensures that the mentee and mentor perfectly match each other. 

  • Measure 

Evaluation has become hassle-free, providing a platform for tracking and pairing progress and program objectives.


No pricing information is listed on their site.


  • US Air Force, Cornell, AMWA.


  • Pre-designed mentoring program 
  • Automated follow-up conversations


  • The video calling option does not support file sharing


"I am amazed by the exceptional customer service, quick turnaround, and ability to customize and tailor the platform to fit our needs."
"It's so important to have mentors that understand you and help you grow in your career, so having the technology to facilitate that has been useful."
"We tried to utilize their in-house mentor training and that did not go well."

10 Thousand Coffees 

10 Thousand Coffees was created to steer career advancement, virtual networking, and onboarding initiatives within organizations. The program lets employees connect through features like Office Hours and Introductions. It also removes the need for people to match mentors and mentees on spreadsheets.

Core features

  • Development Program

Resources that are essential for the growth of the company, such as toolkits and discussion guides, to mention a few, are made readily available and accessible to the employees. 

  • Smart Match Algorithm

This feature saves time by assisting employees in generating the best match for their needs rather than the conventional spreadsheet method. 

  • Community Hubs And Directories

This program allows mentees to search for mentors they would like to connect with within the company. It segments the users who are offering help from those seeking help based on their career milestones. 

  • Versatility

This platform not only uses the single sign-on mode but also works with most HRIS systems. It provides real-time data compilation and reporting. 


The subscription fee varies depending on the employee's needs. 


  • Labatt, BMO, Corus, and Telus. 


  • One-on-one smart matching
  • It is useful for fresh and young employees


  • There isn’t a free trial available.


"As a user, I love the introductions as I have now connected with people that I may not have had the opportunity to connect with otherwise."
"This has been a tremendous asset in growing my network within my organization and beyond with my student network."
"It integrates with Outlook very well, but having to toggle between the two to get something done was odd."


Pushfar is geared toward supporting large multinational enterprises, public sectors, SMEs, universities, and membership clubs with mentoring programs. The platform is also for Individuals looking for mentors or who hope to become mentors themselves. Pushfar has hosted more than 75,000+ individuals and hundreds of organizations.

Core features

  • Mentor Matching

Mentees are automatically or manually assigned to a mentor based on both parties' provided data. The administrator also has complete control over how the program is being run and managed. 

  • Mentor Management

Integrating Google Calendars, Microsoft teams, and outlooks makes scheduling meetings and tracking progress easier. This platform is secured with two-factor authentication

  • Mentor Reporting

Pushfar points and gamification assist in the recording of participants' growth. This program helps you to stay on top of your career advancement. 

  • Career Progression

Pushfar recommends various webinars and physical events that boost productivity and help career development. It also includes training videos and organizational conversation feeds. 


Not stated


  • Samsung, Nissan, Scholl, Savils, and Sodexo. 


  • Built-in voice and video calling
  • Allows companies to run multiple programs 


  • No online suggestion box


"Ease of use and the focus on simplicity. The core model is effective as it allows for quick communication between stakeholders on the platform."
"Over the last month, I've been able to make meaningful connections with other digital marketers. I have a mentor for my business and a mentee who I help with university challenges."
"Lack of particular features that would enhance the overall site."


Imagine if you could get the best and brightest data-driven people to mentor one another. What would that do for your company? Mentorloops offers a platform that helps organizations build a data-driven mentoring program. This cloud-based software helps build momentum using contextual nudges that target individuals based on their needs and interests - this results in a better understanding of how to support them best. 

Core features

  • Equitable Matching Algorithm

The algorithm helps in assigning different employees to different employers with similar interests. Thanks to the numerous filters and tags that assist in segmenting the various participants. 

  • Program Management 

As the program progresses, Mentees become Mentors. This allows them to transfer all they have learned to others. 

  • Sentiment Live Dashboard And Personal Advisory Board

This provides real-time feedback by carrying out monthly surveys. It also serves as an advisory board to the company. 


Mentorloop charges $299 per month for the Pro plan.


  • Gainsight, HP, Rabobank, Hilton, and Arup. 


  • It is available on mobile devices and computers
  • Participants have no limits to the number of matches 
  • Mentees and mentors are allowed to run multiple programs concurrently


  • They don’t offer a way to save documentation about mentoring relationships.


"It saves me time and helps with reporting mentor relationship activity."
"Mentorloop has been a brilliant tool to connect staff at Sky, especially during the Covid pandemic."
"Unfortunately, Mentorloop doesn't have a repository for documents, so we had to create one ourselves on Google, which makes the program a bit disjointed."

Start building your mentorship program for free today

There are many benefits to having a mentorship program, both for the organization and the employees. By encouraging staff members to mentor each other, you create a more positive work environment and help employees reach their potential. Additionally, studies have shown that mentorship programs increase productivity and engagement

Building a mentorship program doesn't have to be expensive or time-consuming. Kickstart your mentorship program today for free with Together. There are many helpful resources available to assist you in building your mentorship program.

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