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There’s a better way to manage employee mentorship programs

Together’s mentorship software helps you run internal employee mentoring programs at scale, from registration to reporting. Find out why HR and L&D Leaders love us.

Together’s mentorship software is trusted by leading organizations across industries

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Mentorship programs drive real results

That’s why 70%+ of the Fortune 500 use mentorship to solve their People goals.
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Mentoring Programs Help with
Skill and career development icon

Skill and career development

Employees in mentoring programs are promoted 5x faster than those who aren’t. Why? Mentorship helps employees develop the skills, relationships, and confidence to excel.
Supporting new managers icon

Support new managers

98% of managers feel they need more training. Mentorship programs help you tap into your greatest knowledge base, your employees, and pass knowledge on.
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Motivate and retain high potential talent icon

Motivate and retain high potential talent

Mentorship programs reduce annual turnover by 20%, saving you hiring and firing costs, and helping you foster a motivated and engaged workplace.
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Attract the best talent

Mentorship programs are no longer a ‘nice to have’ — they are necessary for attracting high-quality candidates. 80% of millennials see mentoring as critical to their career success.

Increase company productivity

Mentorship programs are a win for everyone. Beyond the benefits to employees, 67% of businesses reported an increase in productivity due to mentoring.
Screenshot of pairing dashboard on Together's mentorship software

Increase internal mobility

Research shows that employees with cross-functional experience are more engaged and productive. Mentorship is a key way to connect employees with other departments to learn and career plan.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion

Mentoring programs have the best track record at making diversity a reality — they are proven to increase promotion and retention rates for minorities and women.
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Culture and remote work

With the majority of employees working from home due to COVID-19, mentorship is crucial to protect your company culture and help your employees stay connected.
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Make the best onboarding experience

Building connections and learning quickly are the most important skills when starting a new role. It’s no surprise that 60% of new hires want a mentor to help them  succeed, and be more productive sooner.
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Screenshot of pairing dashboard on Together's mentorship software

Your mentoring program, managed end-to-end

Get twice the results and half of the struggle with our mentorship platform. Start scaling a results driven program and leave your spreadsheets behind.

Why use Together’s mentoring software?

Wondering if you need software and if we’re a fit? Start scaling a results driven program and leave your spreadsheets behind — our mentor matching algorithm has it covered.
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  • Engaging and user friendly

    Our simple-to-use platform is loved by thousands of users. Every decision we have made on our software is with the feedback of real users.
  • Accessible on all devices

    Our mentoring software is mobile responsive and works across all devices.
  • Content to guide employees

    We know it can be challenging to navigate a mentorship relationship. With our expert content, employees will never wonder what to talk about.
  • Customizable

    Not every program is the same. That’s why we help you tailor the program to your needs.
Mobile screenshot of a users profile on Together's mentorship platform
Screenshot of the Togethers mentoring software showing how many mentors and mentees there are in the platform
  • Data driven results

    Customizable dashboards and reports so you can measure how the impact mentorship is having on your organization's goals.
  • Powerful integrations

    Together integrates with all the programs you already use, like HRIS and LMS tools, calendar, and email.
  • Dedicated customer service

    With Together, you’ll never go it alone. Get the most out of our tools with the full support of our customer success team every step of the way
  • Secure & scalable

    It’s hard to know who you can trust with your employee data, that's why we’re SOC 2 certified. Feel confident scaling your mentoring program with as many employees as you need.