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Corporate training platforms

November 7, 2019

Workplace mentoring programs have become one of the biggest ways that employers are connecting and training employees. Over 70 percent of Fortune 500 companies have mentoring programs in place. A major component of the success of these programs is proper training for mentorship. 

To develop a mentorship that works, it is important that both the mentor and the mentee have the skills necessary to get the most out of the program. These skills include leadership training, communication capability and conflict resolution among others. Finding the right training program to cover these topics may mean accessing one of the various e-learning platforms or designing your internal training program. 

Corporate training platforms can prove more valuable than just skill development. They can also be used as mentoring tools. Through the use of interactive content, including videos, mentees can learn from their mentor regardless of geographical location or time zone. 

Benefits of training platforms

When it comes to managing a large-scale, successful workplace mentoring program, e-learning options can be one of the most time-efficient mentoring tools. Through training platforms, one mentor can reach several mentees. Moreover, with relevant content, the training tool can be used again and again as new mentees join the program. 

One of the best ways to develop this style of e-learning mentorship is to develop an internal training program using a learning management system. 

Types of e-learning platforms

E-learning opportunities available on corporate training platforms are one of the best ways to deliver these courses. If you are looking at developing your internal training for mentors, here are some of the platforms that are the most effective:

  1. Talent LMS: This customizable software allows users to access training tools from a variety of devices. For managers, it offers an in-depth analysis of the training programs so that employees’ progress can be tracked. The platform is simple and easy to use and allows for the use of multimedia and PowerPoint slides. It also has video conferencing features and data security. 
  2. Adobe Captive Prime: One of the best-known software developers, Adobe’s e-learning program is simple to navigate and easy to use. It is customizable to incorporate local content. Users are also able to select the language and offer certification once the training is complete. The program tracks employees’ use of the training tools and email reports to managers. Compatible with a variety of online browsers, Captive Prime can also be used offline. Added features like multimedia and gamification allow users to engage users and enhance the learning process. 
  3. Absorb LMS: Ranked high by PC Magazine editors, users are able to access Absorb from any device. The interface is simple to use and the platform offers customizable reporting. With the flexibility to scale up or down, depending on your changing needs, Absorb is a cloud-based platform. The platform also offers certification management and eCommerce features. 
  4. Litmos LMS: Another cloud-based learning platform, Litmos allows users access to the training tools from anywhere, anytime and to any device. Some of the features Litmos offers to uses include gamification, video conferencing and eCommerce elements. Training programs can be designed to include video and text. The report feature allows you to get detailed analytics on users’ advancement through the training program, which managers can use to determine the success of the training. 
  5. 360 Learning: This learning management system (LMS) features gamification, mobile access and video conferencing to help enhance the training program. Training tools can use videos, texts and other elements to make learning easier for users. Praised as an easy-to-use platform, 360 Learning offers personalization of the training tools and accommodates 10 different languages. As with the other platforms, managers can benefit from the reporting tool that offers real-time feedback. 
  6. Docebo: This platform was also ranked high by PC Mag editors. It has been praised for its extensive reporting capabilities as well as gamification feature. Users can incorporate videos, images and GIF files and there is also the ability to control what users see. This is particularly useful if certain training modules need to be completed urgently. The manager can feature these sessions without distracting users. It also supports 33 languages. 

E-learning websites

For companies that are not interested in designing their own training program to complement their workplace mentorship program, there are other e-learning websites that can be used to help mentors and mentees gain the skills they need to be successful. Some of these include:

Udemy - This platform charges for its courses but gives you access to over 20,000 experts in different subjects. There is also a Udemy for Business that corporations can use for employee training. 

Teachable - Unlike Udemy, Teachable allows instructors more control over their content. It has over 7,500 subject experts with thousands of training opportunities. 

Skillshare - A more in-depth learning option, courses on Skillshare often have a project that participants are expected to complete. 

LinkedIn Learning - Driven by the social platform LinkedIn, this e-learning site offers a variety of options to train your employees. 

Skillsoft - With a wide variety of courses, Skillsoft is a good platform that also has a mobile app for employees on the go. 


When it comes to ensuring the success of your workplace mentoring program, employing corporate training platforms can be helpful. Whether you are trying to help participants develop the right skill set to get the most out of mentorship or if you are looking to connect mentors and mentees over geographical distances, training platforms can be advantageous. 

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