What are mentorship opportunities? [Plus 11 companies offering them]

Workplaces that offer mentoring opportunities to their employees stand to gain many benefits. Engagement and retention increase while also giving employees the growth they demand. Here are 11 companies offering incredible mentoring opportunities to employees.

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February 6, 2023

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Mentoring can be an invaluable asset to any workplace, so why not take advantage of the potential to help others grow and develop? In an organization with more career development opportunities, 94% of employees are likely to stay longer. 

Mentoring opportunities help your team develop skills, gain valuable knowledge, and build meaningful connections. By seeking out a mentor who is knowledgeable in an area of interest or expertise that you would like to learn more about, you can take advantage of their wisdom and insight to enhance a mentee’s professional development.

Today, mentorship programs have evolved and go beyond just the standard one-on-one mentoring between an experienced mentor and a young mentee. Organizations are conscious that mentoring can take many forms and are attempting to customize the available opportunities to suit their own particular needs.

In this guide, we will discuss mentoring opportunities, their types, and best practices, as well as companies that provide excellent examples of mentoring programs. Let's get started.

What are mentoring opportunities, and why are they important?

Mentoring opportunities are an invaluable tool for both mentors and mentees. They involve experienced professionals sharing knowledge, advice, and resources with other employees who may be at the beginning of their careers or looking for a change of direction.

A mentoring program can benefit employees in a number of ways, including: 

  • Increased job satisfaction
  • Improved employee retention rates
  • Better communication between colleagues
  • Enhanced problem-solving skills
  • Higher productivity within teams

Mentoring opportunities also promote inclusion by providing a platform for people to learn from and connect with others who have different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives.

For instance, one way to help increase diversity in IT-related career fields is to provide mentorship opportunities for women and people from underrepresented groups. This can involve conversations about their difficulties adapting to new work styles, as well as advice on how to make an impact in their male-dominated industry.

As mentors are typically more established in their profession or industry than the mentees they work with, they can provide valuable advice about navigating workplace dynamics that may be unfamiliar or challenging to the mentee.

What are the types of mentoring opportunities?

Mentoring opportunities come in many forms, each of which offers unique advantages that may contribute to the success of your employees as well as your organization in the future.

Developmental (career) mentoring opportunity  

This is a workplace mentoring program in which a senior leader guides a junior employee with the goal of supporting the mentee's professional development. When people think of career mentoring, they often envision this type of one-on-one mentorship.

The mentor essentially serves as a role model by providing insight into how to succeed in one’s chosen career field. It is a viable option for companies wanting to introduce their employees to mentoring for the first time or to provide them with more opportunities for growth.

Diversity-focused mentoring opportunity

There is a growing need for diversity-focused mentoring programs that provide equal opportunities for all employees.

Currently, 63% of women lack a mentor and do not have access to career advancement opportunities. Workers of color, on the other hand, account for 12% of entry-level positions and only 7% of managerial positions.

This workplace initiative provides employees from different backgrounds with the opportunity to come together, share their experiences, and develop strong relationships. The main goal is to diversify the learning experience, creating an environment where everyone feels respected and included.

See - How to start a mentorship program for employees of color.

High potential employee mentoring opportunity

High-potential employees, also known as HiPos, are individuals within an organization who demonstrate the capability to take on expanded responsibilities and higher levels of leadership.

Mentoring high-potential employees is an increasingly popular type of workplace mentoring program. This type of program can help organizations cultivate and retain their most valuable assets - their people.

New manager mentoring opportunity

A mentorship program can provide new managers with the skills they need to excel in their roles and effectively lead their teams and direct reports. The transition from employee to manager is often a difficult one, so being provided with support from a mentor can make this process much smoother.

Essentially, the goal of the program is to help new managers become successful in their roles by equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively lead their teams.

Often, new managers may also lack confidence when taking on their newfound responsibilities, which could have a detrimental effect on performance as well as their ability to guide others. Mentors are able to help new leaders gain self-assurance by providing support, offering feedback objectively, and aiding them in difficult situations.

What are the best practices for providing more mentoring opportunities?

At Together, we’ve helped hundreds of organizations, large and small, launch employee mentoring programs. In doing so, we’ve learned what works and doesn’t. Here are some of the best practices for mentoring programs you should keep in mind when planning your program. 

Encourage everyone to participate 

When people are given a chance to take part in the program, they can bring new perspectives and ideas. This can help enhance the quality of mentoring and provide a better experience overall.

An effective way to do this is through circle discussion meetings that can provide an alternative to the standard meeting format, offering a platform for meaningful conversations and collaboration.

This type of meeting creates a more engaging atmosphere that encourages deeper exploration of topics or issues, allowing people to reach a shared understanding and develop practical solutions.

Adapt to the individual needs of each employee

By providing mentorships that are tailored to the individual's needs and goals, organizations can ensure that each employee has access to the resources necessary for long-term success within the organization.

For example, women have to deal with unique issues like gender prejudice and injustice, sexism, abuse, and unreasonable demands in terms of achieving a work-life balance. Women in leadership roles are likely to have faced these problems themselves and can be seen as model mentors for younger female employees.

The mentor-matching process is essential for any mentoring program to be successful. If the right combination is put together, the rest should come naturally.

Bridge the skills gaps

Matching mentees to mentors should be determined by skills, not positions. Engage your workforce in thinking about the skills they want to acquire, and empower managers and employees to brainstorm the competencies that need to be prioritized.

By bridging the skills gap, you not only are able to provide your mentees with the support they require but also increase the number of qualified candidates that participate in your program. This improves the overall quality of mentorship opportunities.

Get valuable feedback

By actively seeking out and acting upon feedback, you can ensure that your mentorship opportunity program is constantly evolving and improving. This will lead to a greater sense of satisfaction among mentors and mentees, as well as more successful outcomes for everyone involved. 

Feedback provides valuable insights that can help you identify strengths and weaknesses in your mentorship program, as well as areas for improvement. It also gives mentors and mentees an opportunity to express their opinions on how things are progressing, which helps create a sense of ownership over the program.

Implement experiential learning practices

Experiential learning allows people to learn by doing and applying their knowledge in a real-world context. Applying this in a mentorship program provides both mentors and mentees with an opportunity to apply their knowledge in meaningful ways. Mentors can use experiential activities such as role-play or project work to help guide their mentees in their development.

For mentees, experiential learning gives them an opportunity to practice and gain hands-on experience with the skills they have learned from their mentor. This helps them develop a deeper understanding of the material and makes it easier for them to apply what they have learned in practical situations. 

What are examples of companies with impressive mentoring opportunities?

Companies that offer impressive mentorship opportunities provide an invaluable opportunity for employees to grow, develop their skills, and build strong relationships within the workplace. They put an emphasis on fostering growth through meaningful dialogue between mentors and mentees. 

These examples will give you an idea of what mentoring opportunities you can offer in your workplace. 


Industry: Business advisory services

Program/s on offer: Enrich, Thrive

PwC provides its employees with learning opportunities, career growth, and mentorship programs to help them reach their full potential. The firm has multiple initiatives that emphasize the representation of diverse backgrounds, inclusion, and development for its employees.

An example is Enrich which was launched to support the progression of female leaders in senior management positions as well as racially and ethnically diverse staff. There's also Thrive, a two-year experience tailored for Black and Latinx new hires, which helps nurture their professional journey through culture training, networking events, connection-building activities, and leadership engagements.


Industry: Manufacturing

Program/s on offer: Autodesk Mentorship Program

With Autodesk's Mentorship Program, employees are able to forge relationships, develop skillsets, discover new opportunities, and build their career paths.

The program encourages employees to take control of their careers by providing them with resources such as mentorship opportunities, peer-to-peer learning sessions, and professional networking activities.

Expedia Group

Industry: Travel technology

Program/s on offer: Expedia Group Mentoring Program

Expedia Group's Mentoring Program is designed to promote growth and success among its employees. It brings together 1,700 Expedians from all over the world that are dedicated to helping each other learn new skills and foster a sense of community.

This program has provided a self-service marketplace platform as well as organized meetup sessions for employees to request aid while embracing their own individual identities within a diverse community.


Industry: Transportation mobility

Program/s on offer: Mentoring@Uber

With Mentoring@Uber, employees can join forces and work together in a mutually supportive relationship. It allows people to gain insight from others who have had different experiences, as well as providing them with the opportunity to develop their skills.

Additionally, Uber has created and operated employee resource groups (ERGs) that are working on ways to further improve our culture globally. The company's ERGs for women, parents, people of color, and LGBTQ+ grew from 2,000 to almost 7,000 members.


Industry: Internet media and services

Program/s on offer: New Hire Mentors, Engineering Mentorship Program, Manager Mentorship Program, Awesome Women in Engineering

Yelp is devoted to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace. They prioritize the celebration of all the unique characteristics that make up their people, from age to sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, disability, and education.

Their mentorship programs are varied in nature and accommodate everyone, from new hires to managers or engineers. Across all departments, they have an enthusiastic group of workers dedicated to achieving the company's mission and goals.

Condé Nast

Industry: Global media

Program/s on offer: Global Mentorship Program

Condé Nast is devoted to offering employees positive career development options. Their Global Mentorship Program was initiated to give workers an opportunity to connect and learn from each other.

This structure helps create a unified environment that encourages growth for all involved. Aside from that, their ERGs host internal programs such as Condé Conversations and provide knowledge on cultures, identities, and representation.


Industry: Identity and access management

Program/s on offer: Women@Okta

Okta's plan is to promote, train and assist women employees in order to increase gender diversity within the organization. To accomplish this, they are giving upcoming female leaders an avenue to connect and learn from each other through group and individual mentorship programs.

Okta is committed to both its internal and external communities. To demonstrate their investment in the world around them, they have created employee resource groups such as Pride at Okta, Women at Okta, People of Color at Okta, and Veterans at Okta, among others.


Industry: Information technology solutions

Program/s on offer: Project IMPACT

CDW Business Resource Groups started their Project IMPACT initiative with a formal mentorship program designed to recruit, retain and advance Black colleagues.

The project has been successful in bringing coworkers from different departments and positions together, providing mentors and mentees alike with new experiences and points of view.


Industry: Music streaming service

Program/s on offer: Diversity-focused mentoring opportunity

SoundCloud developed a mentorship program to assist under-represented groups from diverse backgrounds, such as gender, ethnicity, and race, facilitating discussions about professional branding, career development, emotional intelligence, and strategic thinking among senior leaders.

Two cohorts have been formed for the purpose of coaching women of color at different levels within the organization in 2022.


Industry: Power technology

Program/s on offer: Cummins Women’s Empowerment Network (WEN)

The Cummins Women's Empowerment Network (WEN) is dedicated to creating an equitable and inclusive workplace by advocating for equal representation, enabling women employees to thrive, and offering every worker the same opportunities.

To ensure the success of their mission, they provide mentoring sessions, personal development activities, and a yearly Mentoring Circles Program.


Industry: Business and financial services

Program/s on offer: Intergenerational mentoring programs

Moody's in the US has a range of intergenerational mentoring programs, such as Pride BRG coaching for Queer Coders, Women's Group Mentoring Program, which recently celebrated 10 years with 800 participants, Veterans and Multicultural BRGs providing summer internships, and Asian Leadership Initiative.

Their Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA), and Asia-Pacific (APAC) regional locations are also offered intergenerational mentoring programs. With over 11,000 employees in more than 40 countries, Moody's combines global presence with local expertise and a strong commitment to its employees.

Bottom line: How to get started with/upgrade your mentorship opportunities

Providing mentorship opportunities in the workplace can create a supportive environment for professional development. Mentorship programs allow employees to gain valuable knowledge and skills while building relationships with experienced professionals.

Ultimately, mentorship programs set a culture that encourages learning, creativity, and innovation—all essential for any successful organization.

Our Together platform provides an ideal opportunity for getting your group mentoring program off the ground. With more than 150 organizations from a variety of industries utilizing Together's mentorship software, you can access world-class mentorship programs tailored to your organization's needs.

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