What is National Mentoring Day and How to Celebrate it Meaningfully

National Mentoring Day is an occasion to empower mentors across the world. Find out more by checking out our extensive guide.

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October 5, 2023

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When it comes to shaping a person’s life, parents, coaches, spiritual leaders, teachers, and relatives can play a pivotal role. Any of these people can serve as a mentor, helping others overcome ‌challenges at work or in life. 

However, not everyone has full access to mentorship, whether they’re advancing their education or career. National Mentoring Day serves as a reminder of that fact and enables mentors to provide spectacular advice to their mentees. 

But what is National Mentoring Day, and how can you celebrate it? Let’s dive into the ins and outs of this special day. 

History of National Mentoring Day

National Mentoring Day is the largest mentoring celebration in the world, taking place on October 27. The purpose of National Mentoring Day is to champion all forms of mentoring and give access to both mentors and mentees to achieve their full potential. 

Devised in 2014 and established as a national holiday in London, England, in 2016 by The Houses of Parliament, National Mentoring Day seeks to pair the thousands of mentoring programs nationwide with the thousands of people looking for guidance. 

Chelsey Baker, a successful entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience mentoring business leaders, students, and entrepreneurs, founded National Mentoring Day. Baker’s background in marketing and PR, aligned with her passion for mentoring, led to the birth of this holiday. 

Chelsey Baker LinkedIn profile

According to Baker:

“As a nation, we need to embrace mentoring for all so that no one is left behind. We can only do this by utilising the skills and expertise of the population to bridge the gaps and disparities that, as a society, we are faced with. Everyone has life skills, knowledge, and experience to share as a mentor. One hour can be all that is needed to make a positive change and enrich someone’s life or positively affect their business.”

Finally, National Mentoring Day supports four pillars of mentoring, which include:

  • Celebrate: How often are you celebrating the mentors or mentees in your life?
  • Connect: How are you connecting with your mentoring community?
  • Educate: How can you share your expertise and knowledge?
  • Support: What are some effective ways to ensure success among your mentees?

National Mentoring Day strives to empower mentors and mentees through collaboration, programs, and workshops. 

The significance of mentoring

Mentoring is a powerful influence that permeates every facet of our existence. It can manifest itself in various forms, from parents shepherding their children through their academic pursuits to grandparents bestowing wisdom upon younger generations. It’s even present in the workforce, with seasoned bosses generously sharing their expertise with novices. 

And it’s through these diverse manifestations that mentoring is an indispensable cornerstone of our lives.

Consider the example of, a thriving community college. Here, every student is fortunate to have access to a dedicated personal coach who shepherds them through their academic journey. 

Additionally, subject-specific tutors enhance the learning experience. What does this signify? The more precisely defined the role of a tutor or coach, the more profound and enduring their impact on performance becomes.

Snapshot of experience page.

Here are some mentoring statistics to help drive the point home:

One of the best examples of mentoring comes from Socrates, the Ancient Greek philosopher. Known as the creator of modern logic, Socrates passed on his knowledge to his student, Plato, who became famous in life and death across the world. 

Mentoring can have a great effect on a person’s trajectory, career prospects, and happiness. Sharmadean Reid, CEO of the Stack Group, recently spoke on the importance of mentors for women in an interview, stating:

“I find that women who don’t have a supportive community tend to drop out or tap out when they come up against a challenge that they think they can’t rise to, but when you have a mentor it gives you that support, understanding and empathy that can help you recover from knockbacks.”

What does this prove? 

Mentoring can improve one’s ability to stand up to challenges and never give up.

Date and theme

National Mentoring Day is observed annually on October 27. Established to shine a light on the invaluable contributions mentors make, this day encourages both individuals and organizations to recognize, celebrate, and advocate for effective mentoring.

Every year, the celebration of National Mentoring Day revolves around a specific theme. 

These themes highlight various aspects and dimensions of mentoring, making the day's observance even more purposeful. While the exact theme may vary from year to year, the central idea remains consistent — the importance of mentorship in:

  • Nurturing talent
  • Building confidence
  • Facilitating personal and professional growth

Celebrating National Mentoring Day provides a chance for everyone to express gratitude toward their mentors and to reflect on their own mentoring experiences. 

It's also an opportunity for organizations, institutions, and individuals to promote the concept of mentoring, inspiring more people to become mentors or seek mentors for their own growth.

How to celebrate National Mentoring Day

This holiday brings together people from all walks of life. With that comes widespread press coverage to share its positive impact with the world. 

So, if you’re ready to kick your celebration into high gear on October 27, here are some ways to get involved.

Mentoring workshops and seminars

Organizing or attending workshops and seminars is a fantastic way to delve deeper into the nuances of mentoring. 

Such events often feature experienced mentors who share their insights, best practices, and success stories, equipping attendees with knowledge and motivation.

Another creative way to celebrate National Mentoring Day is by paying tribute to these inspiring mentors. 

Why not create a video to showcase the stories of those who've been mentored, sharing their journeys and successes? To make it even more engaging and accessible, consider using an AI voice generator to narrate their stories. 

This modern touch ensures your video will be clear, professional, and easy to understand. Sharing this video on social media or at local events can spread awareness of the power of mentoring and‌ inspire others to become mentors, too.

Here’s a great example from Swift Transportation thanking mentors for all they do and for training the next generation of drivers.

Example of a video thanking mentors.

Whatever way you choose to celebrate, make sure to take a moment to thank and appreciate the mentors in your life for their invaluable contributions.

Volunteering opportunities

For seasoned professionals, volunteering as a mentor for a day can be immensely rewarding. 

Institutions such as schools, colleges, or community centers often welcome individuals willing to spend time sharing their expertise and life lessons with eager learners.

Mentorship programs

Have you been working behind the scenes in your organizations to launch or spotlight ‌in-house mentorship programs? What better way to announce it than on National Mentoring Day?

Offering ‌structured mentoring programs not only aids in employee growth and retention but also fosters a nurturing work environment. For communities, partnering with local businesses or educational institutions to introduce mentorship programs can make a lasting impact.

Networking events

Networking events, whether virtual or physical, are excellent platforms for potential mentors and mentees to connect. They provide a relaxed environment where like-minded individuals can share ideas and experiences and forge lasting mentoring relationships.

A great way to celebrate their guidance and support is to host a special event online via a live stream production where mentors are invited to chat about their lives, answer questions, and, most importantly, connect with former apprentices around the world.

Here’s a great example of Author Mentor Match, which brings together mentor guests to share the best tips and tricks for queries, synopses, and first pages.


Author Mentor Match live stream Q&A

By doing a live broadcast, they can use the Internet to remove geographical barriers. That way, apprentices and mentors can interact in real-time, send greetings and thanks, and share their experiences with the interested audience.

From there, you can turn your livestream videos into standard videos to embed on your website or share across other social media platforms. The more, the merrier, right?

Fundraising for mentoring initiatives

Many nonprofit organizations are dedicated to mentoring. 

Organizing or participating in fundraising events can help these organizations expand their reach, offer more resources, and touch more lives. 

It sounds cliche, but every contribution, whether big or small, can make a difference.

While National Mentoring Day offers a focused opportunity to celebrate mentorship, it's crucial to remember that true mentoring extends well beyond a single day.

The seeds of guidance sown over time bear the fruits of success, resilience, and personal growth.

So, another digital phenomenon worth mentioning is the numerous organizations across various industries that have embraced a unique role as “mentors.” How? By transforming their websites into treasure troves of free resources. 

In the real estate realm, Agent Advice shines as a remarkable example. This platform goes beyond conventional mentorship, offering a wealth of insights and strategies that empower individuals at all stages of their real estate journey. 

Snapshot of Agent Advice’s website page

It’s like an online library that boasts handpicked recommendations directly sourced from industry veterans who understand the intricacies of the field. 

It’s the perfect go-to portal for both novices stepping into real estate for the first time and experienced agents seeking to optimize their real estate lead generation strategies

In the spirit of National Mentoring Day, it's crucial to highlight such innovative mentorship resources. The goal? Not not only to celebrate mentorship today but also to spread the word throughout the year. 

Famous Mentors and their impact

Here are some world-famous mentors and their impact on other world icons:

1. Socrates

Socrates, the ancient Greek philosopher, was a mentor to Plato. He encouraged critical thinking, questioning, and self-exploration.

Socrates quote about knowledege

Socrates' mentorship shaped Plato's philosophical ideas, which continue to inspire and influence thinkers today.

2. Maya Angelou

The renowned poet and civil rights activist mentored Oprah Winfrey. Angelou's guidance and support helped Winfrey navigate her career and personal life. 

With that, Winfrey has credited Angelou as one of her most influential mentors, shaping her perspective and empowering her to become a global icon.

Famous quote by Maya Angelou

3. Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple, mentored Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founder of Facebook. Jobs provided valuable insights and advice to Zuckerberg during Facebook's early stages. His mentorship played a crucial role in shaping Zuckerberg's entrepreneurial mindset and the success of Facebook.

Steve Jobs quote about Mark Zuckerberg

These famous mentors demonstrate the profound impact of mentorship on individuals and the world. Their guidance and support have shaped the lives and achievements of their mentees, highlighting the transformative power of mentorship.

How to promote mentoring throughout the year

You don’t have to wait for National Mentoring Day to foster mentoring in your organization. There are other ways you can begin promoting mentoring throughout the year, which include:

  • Invest in mentoring software to help take mentorships to the next level. 
  • Schedule monthly or quarterly check-ins between mentors and mentees to discuss progress, address concerns, and set future goals.
  • Dedicate a space in your office or your internal network where employees can share mentoring success stories, resources, and tips. 
  • Introduce a program where employees switch mentors every few months.
  • ​​Encourage mentors and mentees to celebrate small milestones. 
  • Host informal gatherings or mixer events where potential mentors and mentees can mingle and form connections.
  • Dedicate a section of your organization's newsletter or intranet to mentoring opportunities.
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How organizations can get involved

The benefits of mentoring play a pivotal role in personal and professional growth. Plus, it helps set your business up for success by building a strong company culture and investing in your employees.

HubSpot has caught on to this movement. They’ve recently launched a mentorship program to help students land their dream job. 

Screenshot of HubSpot's mentoring program for students

Are you interested in following HubSpot’s lead? Here are five simple ways your organization can get involved.

1. Start an in-house mentorship program. Launch structured mentorship programs that pair experienced employees with newer ones. A formal program helps facilitate knowledge transfer, promotes your company's values, and accelerates the onboarding process.

2. Invest in external partnerships. Collaborate with educational institutions or nonprofit organizations to offer mentoring opportunities. For instance, professionals from your company could mentor students at the local college, sharing insights into the industry or potential career paths.

3. Host mentoring events. Organize events like “Mentorship Mondays,” where employees can participate in mentoring sessions, workshops, or interactive discussions.

4. Recognize and reward participation. Acknowledge mentors within your organization. Recognizing their efforts can motivate more employees to take up mentoring roles.

5. Set up training sessions for mentors. Equip potential mentors with the right tools and training. That way, they're well-prepared to guide their mentees in the most appropriate manner.

The ripple effects of mentorship extend beyond individual growth, translating into tangible benefits for your organization‌.

Employees, especially younger ones, are more likely to stay with a company where they feel nurtured and valued. Mentorship often plays a critical role in building this bond. Plus, mentees often feel more confident and better equipped to handle their tasks, leading to increased efficiency and output.

Final Words

National Mentoring Day empowers mentors and mentees to be the best versions of themselves. There’s no doubt that mentoring is a powerful force that gives people the knowledge and expertise to lead phenomenal lives. 

But celebrating National Mentoring Day isn’t just about honoring the mentors or mentees in your life. It’s also about putting in the work to give those opportunities back to everyone.

Cheers to all those positive mentorship relationships (and more to come)! 

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