Most Successful Mentoring Programs

May 25, 2019

Workplace mentoring programs are an ideal way for new employees to become successful both in their careers and their lives. This is why mentorships have become a popular program for companies and organizations to run. In fact, 71 percent of Fortune 500 companies offer a mentoring program in their workplaces.

Here is a list of some of the most successful mentoring programs in the corporate world.

  1. General Electric
    dubbed the company’s Experienced Commercial Leadership Program, GE’s mentoring program puts participants through eight-month of training and guidance in either sales or marketing, depending on their job. As well as helping employees develop robust marking and sales skills, the mentorship also focuses on enhancing leadership capabilities of participants.
  2. Intel
    They have a unique mentoring program at their company in that they look to match people based on skills rather than pairing up an experienced employee with a new hire. The goal of Intel with their workplace mentorship is to pass valuable information on to expand the company’s growth.
  3. Caterpillar
    The construction giant also focuses on company growth in their mentoring opportunities. By lining up mentorships for recent hires they aim to develop valuable, long-lasting skills for the industry. Each employee that becomes a mentee is expected to participate for up to three years. Some of the skills they focus on developing include technical expertise, leadership skills and even senior management capabilities.
  4. Google
    One of the largest tech companies in the world, Google hosts a Summer of Code mentoring program each year. The program is open to student programmers from around the world. The gist of the experience is to help young students become more advanced in their computing skill set. Participants are paid stipends if they area able to develop code for open-source software projects. The program has had over 8,500 participants from 100 different countries. The mentorship opportunity sees the students paired with mentors that can help them further develop their talent.
  5. Time Warner Cable
    With a focus on retaining top talent, Time Warner seeks to develop employee skills, enhance their familiarity of the industry as well as achieve any goals the participant has defined.
  6. Netsuite
    The Software company’s mentoring program seeks to help female employees advance their careers. Women at the company are paired with a mentor that works in a different department and as least two levels higher than the participant. They also allow men as well as women to serve as mentors. Primarily, the mentoring program goal is to help female employees develop a network that is able to guide and teach them.
  7. PayPal
    There are several different types of mentoring programs at PayPal. One of them, the Unity Mentorship Program, is one that works from the ground up and focuses on helping women succeed at the company. Like with Netsuite, PayPal’s mentors can be men or women.
  8. Boeing
    Their mentoring program focuses on helping employees develop in various was including career goals and leadership capabilities. At Boeing, the mentorship program is clearly defined and structured. They also offer an orientation session to help ensure program participants are successful.
  9. McGraw-Hill
    With a long history in the education industry, McGraw Hill has been trying to update their offerings and has developed a workplace mentoring program to help the process. The program has a major focus on leadership development. A lot of planning and research went in to the mentorship strategy and the company monitors the program success with internal research.
  10. Sodexo
    A European company, Sodexo has a vast number of employees spread over 80 countries, which can prove a challenge. In the United States, they have created a Spirit of Mentoring program that focuses on information sharing and career achievements.   The focus of their program is to influence company culture, retention and build a reputation as a preferred employer. Mentors and mentees in the program are paired up for a one-year commitment.
  11. Zynga
    Building up the next generation of software developers, this social gaming design company offers a comprehensive mentoring program. For new hires, it begins with an intense one-weeks session when they are hired. From there the participants are involved in a six-month program where they learn more about the company’s operations and different teams. Zynga’s mentoring program focuses on new graduates that have completed their studies within the previous two years.
  12. Deloitte
    To better enhance diversity at the financial company, the Emerging Leaders Development Program seeks to pair minority employees with mentors. The mentors are selected from a higher level such as a partner, principal or director. Deloitte’s workplace mentorship program requires a two-year commitment. Some of the topics that participants cover include effective development strategies, risk-taking, as well as building networks of professionals.
  13. KPMG
    Offering support to employees who are planning on taking the CPA and actuarial exams, KPMG’s mentoring program serves as a prep course. The mentorship connects workers with peers for support and a mentor that can guide them through the training and exam process.
  14. Liberty Mutual
    The big name insurance company focuses on helping new hires and graduates succeed at their company. In their workplace mentoring program, Liberty connects senior managers to entry-level employees. These mentors provide coaching and leadership training for the mentees, this is supported with software.
  15. Morgan Stanley
    The bank opted to develop a mentoring program that focused on advanced the career prospects of female employees in their sales department. In particular, the mentorship requirements are that participants be pursing a PhD in a STEM field.
  16. DHL Express
    Started in 2011, the company’s mentoring program creates an opportunity for participants to develop and learn new skills to help them along their career path. It also enhances corporate understanding among employees. The program helps about 60 percent of participants to move to more senior positions within a year.
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