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7 Best Microsoft Teams Integrations for L&D Professionals

Explore how Microsoft Teams optimizes L&D with a look at the top 7 Microsoft Teams integrations for a seamless, efficient tech stack.

Nathan Goldstein

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November 20, 2023

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Microsoft Teams has 270 million daily active users. It is used by everyone from marketing executives to sales professionals and HR leaders to L&D professionals across industries.

L&D professionals use the platform because it offers unique ways to optimize training efficiency and engagement. In this article, we explore the seven most impactful Microsoft Teams integrations that L&D professionals can use to streamline workflows and enhance collaboration. These tools can change how training is done, making learning interactive and efficient for today's digital workforce.

The role of Microsoft Teams in L&D

Microsoft Teams makes it easier to collaborate and communicate, two vital processes for modern training environments.

Teams helps instructors conduct live sessions, workshops, and interactive seminars through video conferencing for synchronous learning. The chat feature allows people to talk and share ideas in real-time. They can also ask questions and have discussions. The platform also serves as a comprehensive resource hub that can store various training materials and work well with other apps. This versatility is evident in various training scenarios. 

For instance, in onboarding new employees, Teams serves as a single platform for all training content and communication, streamlining the process. It also supports continuous professional development programs through scheduled meetings, task assignments, and progress tracking.

Additionally, Teams facilitates large-scale training events like webinars, enabling companies to reach a broader audience. It's not just limited to internal staff; external stakeholders can also participate in these training sessions, thanks to its easy-to-use interface and accessibility.

Why integration is a game-changer for employee engagement

Most L&D teams have a diverse tech stack. You have your LMS, which serves as the backbone of content delivery and tracking. Then, you have project management tools like Trello or Asana and collaboration tools such as Slack, Teams, and Zoom, which have become indispensable for real-time communication and engagement. 

When these tools operate in silos, the result is often a fragmented and inefficient learning experience. Integrating these tools with each other helps in crafting a more harmonious learning journey that enhances both the process and the outcome of L&D initiatives.

By integrating Microsoft Teams with different tools, you can: 

1. Enhance collaboration

Imagine the synergy of integrating project management tools like Trello or Monday.com with Teams. This integration transforms Teams into a powerhouse for collaborative learning, where project tracking and communication happen in tandem, fostering a more interactive and engaging learning environment.

2. Create a centralized learning hub

By integrating LMS platforms directly into Teams, learners have one central location for all their educational needs. This integration ensures that resources like courses, training modules, and supplementary materials are easily accessible, streamlining the learning process.

3. Improve efficiency and productivity

Integration means fewer platforms to navigate and less time spent on administrative tasks. Tools like Zapier or Automate.io can link various apps with Teams, automating routine processes like notifications, scheduling, or feedback collection. This efficiency frees up time for both learners and trainers, allowing them to focus on core learning activities.

4. Create personalized learning paths

The integration of e-learning platforms like LinkedIn Learning or Coursera with Teams enables the delivery of personalized course recommendations. Learners can follow tailored paths that align with their career aspirations and skill gaps, creating a more individualized learning approach.

5. Facilitate real-time communication

Integration of tools like Slack or Zoom with Microsoft Teams allows immediate feedback and support. This real-time communication is vital for a responsive and dynamic learning setting, where queries and discussions contribute significantly to the learning process.

7 Best Microsoft Teams integrations for L&D professionals 

For L&D professionals, the challenge isn't just to find the right tools for their needs but to seamlessly integrate them into an environment that is already familiar and efficient for learners and trainers alike. 

Microsoft Teams, with its widespread use in the corporate sector, serves as an ideal platform for this integration, offering a familiar interface that reduces the learning curve associated with new tools.

Here are the top 7 Microsoft Teams integrations that can help create a more dynamic, flexible, and user-friendly learning environment for your team.

1. Together for Microsoft Teams

G2 rating: 4.8/5

Capterra rating: 4.9/5

Together provides a robust solution for Learning and Development (L&D) professionals, particularly when integrated with Microsoft Teams. This integration combines the specialized functionality of a dedicated mentoring platform with the communication and collaboration features of Microsoft Teams.

Together's integration with Microsoft Teams offers L&D professionals a streamlined, efficient, and engaging approach to mentorship program management. It facilitates easy administration, enhances participant engagement, and provides valuable insights into the effectiveness of mentorship initiatives, all within a platform that many users are already familiar with.

Key features 

  • Auto matching - Program admins have the option to use a customizable pairing algorithm to automatically match mentors and mentees based on HRIS data and responses to questionnaires, ensuring that mentors and mentees get suggestions for best matches that they can approve or decline. Combined with all of the data security and integrity needed for global, enterprise organizations, automatching is like a magic wand in the hands of a program administrator. 
  • Centralized dashboard -  L&D professionals can access a centralized dashboard within Microsoft Teams, providing an overview of ongoing mentorship engagements, participant progress, and key performance indicators.
  • Seamless communication - Together facilitates communication between mentors and mentees directly within Microsoft Teams. Integrated chat features, video calls, and discussion forums enable effective and secure communication, fostering meaningful mentorship relationships.
  • Goal tracking and progress monitoring - L&D professionals can set and track mentoring goals using Together. Integration with Microsoft Teams allows for real-time progress monitoring, ensuring that mentorship programs align with organizational objectives.
  • Feedback and analytics - Together captures feedback from both mentors and mentees through surveys and evaluations. Analytics tools within Microsoft Teams provide L&D professionals with insights into the effectiveness of mentorship programs, enabling continuous improvement.
  • Integration with learning modules - Together seamlessly integrates with existing learning modules and training content within Microsoft Teams. This ensures that mentorship is aligned with broader learning and development initiatives, creating a cohesive and comprehensive approach.


  • Efficient program management - L&D professionals can efficiently manage and oversee mentorship programs directly within the Microsoft Teams environment, streamlining administrative tasks and reducing manual intervention.
  • Enhanced employee engagement - Together increases employee engagement by providing a user-friendly and familiar interface. This encourages active participation in mentorship programs and promotes a positive learning culture.
  • Easy scalability - Together’s integration with Microsoft Teams allows for easy scalability as organizations grow. L&D professionals can expand mentorship programs seamlessly to accommodate a larger workforce without sacrificing program quality.
  • Improved learning outcomes - By integrating mentorship into the Microsoft Teams environment, L&D professionals can ensure that mentorship is an integral part of the overall learning journey. This holistic approach contributes to improved learning outcomes

2. Moodle 

G2 rating: 4.1/5

Capterra rating: 4.3/5

Moodle, a leading open-source Learning Management System (LMS), is acclaimed for its remote learning capabilities. Its integration with Microsoft Teams enhances training efficiency, enriches learning experiences, and offers a platform that is both engaging and user-friendly.

This Microsoft Teams integration also allows customization through Microsoft 365 plugins and various Moodle partner apps available in the Microsoft Store. It supports hybrid learning models, personalized collaborative experiences, automated course setup for new students, and the development of custom educational apps.

Key features

  • Real-time communication - Facilitating audio or video calls and chat for instant interaction between instructors and students.
  • Integrated learning content - Direct access to Moodle's courses and activities within Teams.
  • Recognition and incentives - Implementation of badges and rewards for course achievements.
  • Data insights - Analytical tools providing insights into learner engagement and performance.

3. Kahoot!

G2 rating: 4.7/5

Capterra rating: 4.6/5

The integration of Kahoot! with Microsoft Teams offers a comprehensive solution for L&D professionals, combining Kahoot!'s engaging learning approach with the collaborative features of Teams. This synergy enables efficient program management, enhances learner engagement, and contributes to measurable learning outcomes, making it a valuable addition to any L&D tech stack.

Key features

  • Live Kahoots within Teams - This integration allows users to host live Kahoot! sessions directly from the Teams application, without the need to switch between different platforms. This feature is particularly beneficial for facilitating real-time, interactive learning sessions within the Teams environment​​.
  • Engaging and social experience -  Live Kahoot! sessions within Teams encourage friendly competition and connectivity among team members, contributing to a more cohesive and collaborative learning atmosphere​​.
  • Self-paced challenges - L&D professionals can assign self-paced Kahoot! challenges to groups within Teams. This feature includes periodic reminders and culminates in a shared final result, fostering a social and competitive spirit. 

4. Wrike

G2 rating: 4.2/5

Capterra rating: 4.⅗

For L&D professionals, Wrike's integration with Microsoft Teams streamlines project management and collaboration, crucial for developing, implementing, and tracking training programs. It also facilitates efficient task management, real-time collaboration, and comprehensive progress tracking, all within the familiar Teams environment. 

The integration is designed to mirror the Wrike user interface within Teams. It ensures immediate sync between Wrike and Teams and provides quick access to the full Wrike application for more power. This significantly enhances the efficiency and productivity of L&D initiatives, contributing to better learning outcomes and more streamlined operations.

Key features

  • Full-featured project management - The integration allows for the addition of any Wrike project as a tab in a Teams channel. Users can create new projects and tasks, manage task lists, subtasks, task details, and include rich text editing and images in tasks​​.
  • Timeline and scheduling - Wrike’s integration with Teams includes Gantt chart views, showing project schedules, due dates, milestones, durations, and dependencies. This feature provides a comprehensive picture of training progress and detailed information​​.
  • Work collaboration - The Live Editor feature allows real-time team collaboration. Users can update statuses, assignees, due dates, and more, ensuring all Office 365 users have access to projects​​.
  • Task details in conversations - With Wrike’s messaging app, users can post task previews in Teams chats, display task details, and quickly find recent tasks or search for tasks to add to chats​​.

5. MindMeister

G2 rating: 4.3/5

Capterra rating: 4.7/5

For L&D professionals using Microsoft Teams, MindMeister's integration provides a powerful tool for visualizing ideas, planning learning strategies, and enhancing collaborative learning experiences. 

Its ability to facilitate real-time brainstorming and planning directly within Teams makes it an invaluable asset for efficient and effective L&D program development.

Key features

  • Collaborative mind mapping - Once added to a Teams channel, MindMeister allows users to collaborate on mind maps directly within the Microsoft Teams environment. This feature is ideal for brainstorming sessions, project planning, and keeping important strategies and notes accessible to all team members​​.
  • Real-time collaboration within Teams - Once logged in, team members can start collaborating on a mind map directly in Teams. This integration allows for the creation of multiple MindMeister tabs in channels as needed, providing flexibility and scalability for various project needs​​.
  • Interactive communication with MindMeister Bot - The MindMeister Bot in Teams can be used to find existing maps, create new maps, or get updates on changes made to existing maps. This bot helps keep the team updated and engaged with the ongoing mind mapping activities​​.
  • Sync across platforms: Adding MindMeister to Microsoft Teams allows users to create and update mind maps from anywhere using MindMeister’s web and mobile platforms. The automatic sync ensures that updates are reflected across all devices, enhancing flexibility and accessibility for users who are on the go​​.

6. Pluralsight

G2 rating: 4.6/5

Capterra rating: 4.7/5

Pluralsight offers a broad range of on-demand course content through Pluralsight Skills. Its integration with Microsoft Teams offers L&D professionals an efficient way to access high-quality technology training and development resources directly within a familiar platform. 

This Microsoft Teams integration not only simplifies the learning process but also ensures that teams are equipped with the necessary skills to deliver better value to their end customers, all while leveraging the collaborative and interactive environment of Microsoft Teams.

Key features

  • Direct access to course content - Microsoft customers with an active Pluralsight Skills license can access Pluralsight’s extensive library of on-demand course content directly from Microsoft Teams. This integration is powered by Microsoft 365 and provides a seamless experience through Teams
  • Real-Time performance assessment - Pluralsight Skills provides real-time measurement and assessment of a learner’s performance. This feature is particularly beneficial for team leaders as it gives them visibility into the capabilities of their teams and ensures that learning objectives are being met effectively​​.
  • Seamless learning experience - The integration of Pluralsight with Teams offers L&D professionals an efficient way to provide training without leaving the Teams platform, thereby streamlining the learning process.

7. Miro

G2 rating: 4.8/5

Capterra rating: 4.7/5

Miro's integration with Microsoft Teams enhances collaborative capabilities, which is especially beneficial for learning and development (L&D) professionals. It enhances the collaborative and interactive aspects of learning, providing a versatile and user-friendly platform within the Microsoft Teams environment.

Key features

  • Collaborative whiteboard - The Miro app brings the functionality of an infinite whiteboard to Teams, enabling collaborative work within a seamless experience​​.
  • Ease of access during meetings - Miro boards can be accessed at any time during the meeting, with each board having its own tab for easy navigation​​.
  • Sharing and collaboration - Users can share a Miro board to the meeting stage, enabling simultaneous collaboration among all participants​​.
  • Flexibility in stopping the presentation - Presenters can stop sharing the Miro board at any time, providing control over the collaboration process​​.

Streamline L&D with Together for Teams

Integrating various tools with Microsoft Teams enhances collaboration by enabling easy sharing of resources and teamwork. It streamlines processes through integration with project management and learning platforms and centralizes all learning activities in one place.

The Together for Teams platform is designed to integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Teams, enhancing mentorship engagement within organizations. The following are some of the key features of the platform:

  • Together for Teams merges with Microsoft Teams, allowing streamlined mentorship management without the need to switch between apps​​.
  • It facilitates direct messaging for mentoring alerts within Teams, ensuring participants don't miss important updates​​.
  • The platform is optimized for mobile use, making mentorship accessible on the go through the Teams mobile app​​.
  • Users can dive straight into their mentorship program without the hassle of managing separate sign-in processes, enhancing both security and convenience​​.
  • Administrators and users can tailor how they receive communications, either through Teams, email, or a combination of both, allowing for personalized communication preferences​​.

This integration aims to increase mentorship engagement and streamline the management of mentorship programs within the Microsoft Teams environment. 

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