Best Chronus Alternatives for Workplace Mentoring in 2024

Explore the best Chronus alternatives for your organization in 2024. Compare top mentoring platforms in detail to find the right solution.

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March 26, 2024

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Finding the right mentoring platform isn't just beneficial—it's crucial for nurturing your team's talent and potential.  Chronus is one mentoring platform that buyers often consider, but there are other alternatives on the market.

So, why is choosing the right mentoring platform important, and what sets these alternatives apart from Chronus? A great mentoring tool does more than match mentors with mentees—it lays the foundation for meaningful relationships that drive personal growth, skill development, and career advancement.

This guide will examine the key features and distinct advantages of top Chronus competitors and discover how they compare. 

Why users seek Chronus alternatives

Chronus is a platform that helps people connect for mentoring. Schools, businesses, and other groups use it. It's designed to make finding mentors easier, tracking progress, and talking to one another.

Why look for something else?

While Chronus offers many tools, some users find it tricky to set up and want something easier to use. Based on user reviews, here are some common issues they face:

  • Difficulties in initial setup: Some folks find Chronus tough to dive into, affecting how well they can run their programs.
  • Complicated user interface: The platform can be confusing with too many steps to do simple tasks. Users want a tool that's easy to figure out, whether they're on a computer or a phone.
  • Unreliable reports: Getting the right data is crucial. Users have faced issues with not getting the latest or correct information from Chronus, pushing them to seek more reliable reporting tools.
  • Lack of integrations: Smooth connections with tools like Microsoft Teams and calendars are essential but lacking. Users want these integrations to work better to avoid hiccups in planning and meetings.
  • Inaccurate matching: Chronus's pairing of mentors and mentees sometimes misses the mark, especially with small text differences, which can lead to less effective matches.
  • Burdensome user management: Handling user info and group communication should be easier, letting admins focus on what's important without getting bogged down by the platform.
  • Lack of adequate resources: More in-built guides and templates are needed to help users navigate discussions and activities, enhancing their program participation.
  • Limited customization: Every organization has unique needs. Users are looking for more ways to customize their experiences and access features that cater to their requirements.
  • Disjointed user experience: Beyond just working well with other apps, a consistent and smooth platform experience is vital, with specialized integrations that add value.

In-depth reviews of 8 Chronus alternatives

Here's a comprehensive review of eight alternatives to Chronus, including key benefits, and pros and cons based on user feedback from platforms like Capterra and Software Advice.

1. Together 

Together offers a comprehensive platform for organizational mentorship, enriched with versatile and scalable mentoring programs. It also includes Colleague Connect for informal conversations, where employees are matched as colleagues, without ‘mentor’ or ‘mentee’ labels. Whether you want to launch mentorship programs, foster employee connections, or a mix of both, Together is a comprehensive solution for learning and development. 

With Together for Microsoft Teams, employees don’t need to leave the Teams app to book or join their mentorship sessions - giving them easy access within common workspaces.

The platform uses a sophisticated matching algorithm, meticulously tracks progress, and delivers insightful analytics to enhance mentorship. These features, combined with its seamless integration into everyday work tools, make Together an effective solution for fostering a culture of learning and connection in any organization.

Together facilitates a more connected and interactive learning environment, helping organizations meet their mentorship goals and encouraging ongoing personal and professional development.

Key benefits:

  • Extensive customization options for mentorship programs.
  • Advanced analytics for tracking and improving program effectiveness.
  • Seamless integration with enterprise systems.


  • Versatile program customization.
  • Comprehensive analytical tools.
  • Effective user support and platform integration.


  • Initial learning curve for feature maximization.

2. MentorcliQ

MentorcliQ delivers an all-encompassing mentoring solution that empowers organizations to launch, manage, and scale their mentoring programs efficiently. It offers an array of mentoring formats, supported by a sophisticated matching technology that ensures optimal pairings based on detailed criteria. 

The platform facilitates user engagement through an intuitive interface and interactive tools that encourage active participation. Its administrative features streamline program management, while real-time analytics provide deep insights into program performance, guiding strategic improvements and demonstrating ROI.

Key benefits:

  • Diverse mentoring program formats and robust matching capabilities.
  • Intuitive user experience and high engagement tools.
  • Comprehensive analytics and reporting for informed decision-making.


  • Exceptional customer support.
  • User-friendly design for administrators and participants.
  • Automation features for efficient program management.


  • Integration with other systems could be enhanced.
  • Learning curve for understanding platform automation.

3. Qooper

Qooper facilitates mentorship connections supporting professional growth and development across various industries. The platform offers many features, including customizable mentoring programs, an intuitive mobile app, and robust monitoring and tracking capabilities. 

With a focus on accessibility and inclusivity, Qooper ensures that users from different backgrounds and with varying levels of tech-savvy can benefit from its offerings. The platform's dedication to customer feedback and continuous improvement is evident in its responsive design and regular updates, which aim to enrich the mentoring experience continually.

Key benefits:

  • Customizable and versatile mentoring solutions.
  • Accessible mobile application and web interface.
  • Proactive customer support and platform enhancements.


  • Affordable pricing structure.
  • Comprehensive customer service.
  • Intuitive and user-friendly platform design.


  • Additional features desired by some users.
  • Needs deeper external program integrations.

4. PushFar

PushFar is a comprehensive mentorship platform that fosters connections and professional growth. A user-friendly interface facilitates effortless mentor-mentee matchmaking, supported by robust goal-setting and progress-tracking features. 

Organizations can leverage PushFar to enhance employee engagement, foster professional development, and monitor mentoring outcomes through detailed analytics, ensuring the mentoring program's effectiveness and alignment with strategic objectives.

Key benefits:

  • Intuitive matchmaking and goal-tracking functionalities.
  • User-centric design promoting engagement and interaction.
  • Advanced analytics for insightful program evaluation.


  • Streamlined and engaging user experience.
  • Effective support for diverse mentoring needs.
  • Proactive and responsive customer service.


  • May lack advanced customization options.
  • Integration capabilities with external systems could be expanded.

5. MentorEase

MentorEase provides a specialized mentoring platform that emphasizes ease of use and effective mentor-mentee matching through its intelligent algorithms. The platform is designed to facilitate meaningful connections and supports various mentoring formats, including one-on-one and group settings. 

With a focus on accessibility and simplicity, MentorEase ensures that participants can focus on their development goals while program administrators benefit from streamlined management tools and insightful analytics.

Key benefits:

  • Intelligent matching algorithms for optimal pairings.
  • Simple, intuitive interface for users and administrators.
  • Versatile support for different mentoring models.


  • User-friendly design enhances participation.
  • Effective administrative tools simplify program management.
  • Robust tracking and reporting capabilities.


  • Feature set may be basic for advanced users.
  • Limited customization and integration options.

6. Guider

Guider specializes in powering mentoring programs, focusing on ease of use and impactful outcomes. Its AI-enabled platform enables personalized mentoring experiences, supporting individual growth and organizational development goals. 

By offering features like intelligent matching, session scheduling, and progress tracking, Guider facilitates meaningful interactions that drive mentorship success, complemented by robust analytics for program oversight.

Key benefits:

  • Tailored mentoring experiences to align with personal and professional goals.
  • Intuitive tools for scheduling, communication, and feedback.
  • Data-driven insights to measure and enhance program impact.


  • Emphasis on creating personalized and impactful mentoring journeys.
  • User-friendly interface encourages consistent engagement.
  • Comprehensive analytics for informed decision-making.


  • May require more robust integration features.
  • Additional customization options could benefit larger organizations.

7. Mentorloop

Mentorloop is acknowledged for its intuitive and engaging platform that significantly streamlines the mentoring process for mentors and mentees. It offers robust features for establishing clear communication, goal setting, and monitoring progress, aiming to enrich the mentoring experience. The platform caters to diverse organizations, demonstrating flexibility and ease of use that its users consistently highlight.

Key Benefits:

  • Excellent customer support, with the platform's team being responsive and attentive to user needs.
  • User-friendly interface, facilitating an enjoyable and straightforward user experience.
  • A comprehensive set of tools supporting goal setting, progress tracking, and effective communication.


  • Users have praised the platform for its intuitive design and user engagement.
  • The customer service team is noted for being highly responsive and supportive.
  • The platform provides an effective environment for both setting and tracking mentoring goals.


  • Needs a document library for easier sharing of materials.
  • Need for deeper integration with email platforms like Outlook.

8. MentorCity

MentorCity is a comprehensive online mentoring platform that offers tools and resources to facilitate meaningful mentor-mentee relationships. It supports various mentoring formats, including one-on-one and group mentoring. It is equipped with features like goal management, progress tracking, and program evaluation, making it versatile for different organizational needs.

Key Benefits:

  • The platform provides a user-friendly interface, enhancing the ease of use for both mentors and mentees.
  • It offers a wide range of resources and tools, including learning materials, event promotion, and goal-tracking functionalities, to foster professional and personal growth.
  • MentorCity enables organizations to customize their mentoring programs, aligning with specific objectives and preferences.


  • The platform's intuitive design and the quality of its support team, noting their responsiveness and helpfulness.
  • The structured approach to mentoring, with adjustable features and comprehensive resources, is highly valued by users for enhancing mentoring effectiveness.
  • The platform's flexibility in supporting different mentoring models and the ability to track and measure program success are highlighted as significant advantages.


  • The initial navigation and setup can be challenging, particularly for those less familiar with online mentoring platforms.
  • The availability of skilled mentors may vary depending on the region and industry, which could affect the matching process for some organizations.

Choosing Together as your Chronus alternative

Moving away from Chronus? Discover why Together stands as a stellar alternative, addressing Chronus users' core concerns with enhanced features and dedicated support.

We even made a Switching to Together handbook to give you an idea of how easy it is to switch and the level of support you will receive from the Together team:

Handbook Switching to Together's mentoring platform 

Ease of learning and use: Together has been recognized for its intuitive and user-friendly interface, significantly reducing the learning curve and helps you focus on running effective mentoring programs. This ease of use is backed by consistent recognition from users, as evidenced by awards from G2.

Useful features:

  • Registration: Together simplifies the registration process, allowing for quick and easy setup through emails, Slack, or Teams, contrasting with the cumbersome processes reported by some Chronus users.
  • Matching algorithm: Together has a high match success rate and uses an intelligent and customizable algorithm to create more effective mentor-mentee pairings, addressing the matching concerns some have experienced with Chronus.
  • Development and support: The platform monitors mentoring relationship health and provides resources like handbooks and session agendas, ensuring productive outcomes.
  • Reporting capabilities: Together's robust reporting tools offer detailed insights into program performance and participant feedback, providing the data accuracy and current information users need.

Customization and support: Together values customization and works closely with clients to tailor the mentoring experience, offering adaptable program structures and branding options. Their dedicated support team, accessible resources, and responsive customer service ensure a smooth transition and ongoing success.

Recommendations based on goals: Together's approach starts with understanding your program's goals, offering formats like one-on-one or group mentoring to best meet your objectives. Their flexibility in program design allows for targeted solutions, whether for employee development, retention, or diversity initiatives.

Rapid implementation: If transitioning from an existing system, Together can quickly migrate your data and setup, minimizing disruptions and ensuring continuity in your mentoring activities.

By switching to Together, users not only benefit from advanced mentorship features but also gain access to Colleague Connect. This tool fosters organic connections and knowledge-sharing beyond traditional mentor-mentee relationships. 

Through Colleague Connect, participants can engage in fluid interactions based on shared interests, skills, or organizational attributes, expanding networking opportunities and promoting a culture of mutual support and growth. This inclusive approach sets Together apart as a holistic solution for organizations seeking to elevate their mentoring programs and cultivate a thriving community of learners.

Take Together for a spin. Book a 15-minute demo today.  

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