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Mentoring with Apps

December 19, 2019

Workplace mentoring programs can become better and stronger by employing the right apps. 

Statistics show that there are over four billion mobile users. In addition, mobile usage is expected to grow sevenfold by 2022. Apps are one of the most common tools that mobile users employ when they are on their devices, whether it is a phone or tablet. 

Whether you are an organization looking to advance your workplace mentoring program or a mentor looking for ways to improve communication and connection with your mentee, there are a number of mobile apps that can help

Benefits of apps

As more and more employees become adept and accustomed to using apps every day, it makes sense that organizations should adopt a mobile strategy. This can improve employee productivity and engagement levels. Apps can also cultivate a more robust mentoring program by improving connection and communication between mentors and mentees. Using apps in the workplace can have other benefits for your business including skill development and improved collaboration. 

However, it is important to note that not all apps are created equal. That is, there are some apps that offer better quality than the rest in the app store. Finding the best apps can seem like a challenge, but it can be simplified with a few simple steps including:

  • read reviews to find out what other users are saying about the app
  • be cautious of free apps; sometimes paying a little upfront is worth it
  • see how many people have downloaded the app; the larger the number the more likely it is a successful app
  • research the developer; investigative the reputation of the company that built the app to see if they are trustworthy
  • Get an app that works on different systems including Apple and Android

Using apps for mentorships

Before you can start to effectively use apps in your workplace mentoring program, you’ll need to create a plan that will help you use them successfully. 

To get the most out of mobile apps in your mentorship, define what you want the app to do. Be clear on what problem you need them to solve. For example, if you have a global mentorship program, you may want apps to help mentors and mentees communicate over the distance. 

Once you understand what you are looking for in an app, you can explore the options available in that category. For example, if you want a video conferencing app you can search for the top ones available.

Although most apps will be designed to be intuitive, that is, easy for users to figure out and employ, you may want to consider offering some training for employees that will be using the app. This can simply be some guidance on how to install it as well as a rundown of the best features of the app. 

Additionally, you should welcome feedback from users. After a few weeks using the app, mentors and mentees should have a good idea if it is working well for them or not. Solicit their input and decide if the app fits your workplace mentoring program or if it needs to be replaced. 


Mobile apps can help improve a workplace mentoring program in a number of ways. Utilizing apps can enhance connection and connectivity among mentors and mentees and even unlock different mentorship avenues. With over four billion mobile users around the world, integrating apps into a mentoring program can create more successful matches and higher participation levels among employees. 

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