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Top 5 Donut for Slack Alternatives for 2024

Explore the top Donut for Slack alternatives in 2024 for better team building and engagement in your workplace.

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November 29, 2023

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69.5% of workers would be happier with stronger connections to their colleagues.

HR and L&D leaders lean on team-building activities, coffee chats, recognition programs, and mentoring programs to foster employee connections, especially in remote and hybrid work environments. There’s an arsenal of collaboration and communication tools that power these programs, like Slack, which has 20 million daily active users

But, the standard Slack features are limited in their capacity to tackle challenges such as limited engagement, digital overload, and a lack of personal interaction. That is where apps and integrations like Donut help fill in the gaps.

What is Donut for Slack?

Donut for Slack or Donut for Teams, often simply referred to as Donut, is a popular Slack integration designed to enhance team engagement and connectivity, particularly in remote or distributed teams. While Slack has all the collaboration and communication features necessary for work, Donut adds features that create personal connections among team members. 

Donut randomly pairs team members for virtual coffee chats or meetups. This feature encourages spontaneous interactions and helps team members who might not work together daily to connect and build stronger relationships. Through these casual pairings and interactions, Donut aims to boost overall employee engagement, morale, and collaboration.

Why does Slack need Donut and similar apps?

While Slack excels as a communication and coordination tool, it relies on integrations for more nuanced aspects of team building and culture enhancement. It has limitations like:

  • Limited spontaneous interaction – Slack is good for communication, but not for casual chats. Tools like Donut add fun and randomness.
  • Structured environment – Slack's channels and messages are structured. They're less suited for a natural, informal team culture.
  • Engagement beyond work – Slack focuses on work. It doesn't naturally support social events or personal celebrations. Apps like Donut help with this.
  • Recognition and rewards – Slack doesn't focus on recognition and rewards. Integrations like Lattice provide ways to celebrate team achievements in Slack channels.
  • Team-building activities – Slack isn't built for team-building activities. Third-party apps add games and interactive features for better team unity.

What are the top 5 Donut for Slack alternatives?

Diverse team needs and preferences such as more advanced analytics, different types of team-building activities, or specific engagement metrics, often lead organizations to explore Donut for Slack alternatives that better match their specific requirements. 

But that’s a rabbit hole. We did the digging for you and chose 5 Donut for Slack alternatives based on diverse feature sets, user experience, and pricing. 

1. HeyTaco

HeyTaco is a unique Slack integration for recognition and team building. It introduces a fun, taco-based reward system where team members can 'give' tacos to each other as tokens of appreciation for work well done or helpful collaboration

This tool helps create a positive workplace culture by encouraging recognition and gratitude among team members. Its ease of use and the playful approach to appreciation are highly valued, as evidenced by strong user feedback and ratings on platforms like G2 (4.8 out of 5). 

HeyTaco is particularly effective for teams looking to boost morale and foster a culture of acknowledgment in a light-hearted, inclusive way. The tool is priced at $3 per user per month. It is a good alternative for Slack users who want to enhance their team dynamics with a fun, rewarding system that highlights and celebrates everyday contributions.

2. CultureBot

CultureBot is a Slack integration designed for team building and employee wellness. It stands out for its interactive features like mood tracking, wellness tips, and custom challenges, which help create a positive work culture. 

This tool suits teams seeking engaging, simple ways to connect employees and promote well-being. Users appreciate its interactive elements and ease of use, as reflected in its strong ratings on G2 (4.8 out of 5). 

CultureBot's pricing structure is flexible, catering to various team sizes. Currently, it is priced at $199 per month for teams of up to 99 users. It's a good alternative to Donut, especially for teams that value daily interaction and wellness within the digital workspace.

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3. Doozy

Doozy offers a unique spin on Slack integration by focusing on celebrating team events, setting up coffee chats, and running interactive trivia. Its simplicity and engaging features make it a hit among teams who enjoy shared experiences and celebrations. 

Doozy has a 4.4 out of 5 star rating on G2. It has a free version for small teams and a paid version of $2.6 per user per month. The paid version integrates with Google Calendar and Microsoft Calendar, it also integrates with different HRIS platforms. Doozy is a good choice for teams looking for an all-in-one solution to celebrate milestones, facilitate casual interactions, and engage in team-building activities.

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4. Twine

Twine for Slack is an innovative app designed to enhance team connectivity and engagement in the workplace. This app specializes in setting up video calls for teams, making it ideal for onboarding new hires or conducting regular team meetings. 

Its simplicity lies in its ability to send out messages to teammates, prompting them to join video calls through the Twine Web service. This feature is particularly beneficial for remote teams or organizations that prioritize regular face-to-face interaction. 

Twine stands out for its focus on facilitating personal connections through video, rather than text-based communication. The app does not have many reviews on G2 right now, but it does have a 5 star rating so far. The app has a free 14-day trial. It is a good alternative for Donut for teams seeking an effective, video-based solution for building stronger team bonds.

5. Together for Microsoft Teams

Together for MS Teams is a mentoring-focused platform that seamlessly integrates with Slack, emphasizing employee development and learning. It enables users to effortlessly set up and manage mentoring programs, catering to teams committed to professional growth and skill development.

Together for MS Teams encourages knowledge sharing, career development, and helps build a culture of continuous learning and support by pairing mentors and mentees. It improves individual skills and team collaboration. The tool's simple interface and Slack integration make it easy for team members to interact and grow. This leads to a more connected and engaging workplace.

The Together platform has a 4.8 out of 5 star rating on G2, and has won the No. 1 easy-to-use award for three years in a row. It has a free version and fully-featured versions. Together for Teams is an ideal alternative to Donut, especially for those looking to cultivate a nurturing and collaborative environment, leveraging the power of mentorship to drive team cohesion and engagement.

How mentoring helps build stronger connections between workers

Mentoring, as facilitated by Together for MS Teams, offers a deeper approach to building connections between workers compared to Donut. While Donut randomly pairs team members for casual interactions, mentoring creates structured, growth-oriented relationships. Mentors guide and support their mentees, fostering a culture of professional development and learning. This method enhances individual skills and strengthens team collaboration more substantially than informal chats.

Together for Teams seamlessly integrates with Slack, making the mentoring process smooth and accessible. It fills the gaps left by Donut by offering personalized, ongoing mentor-mentee relationships that focus on both personal and professional growth. Unlike the random pairings of Donut, mentoring forms bonds based on shared goals and experiences, leading to stronger and more meaningful connections.

For teams looking to leverage the power of mentorship in their Slack environment, Together for Teams is an ideal choice. It's not just about connecting team members, it's about growing them together. To explore the benefits of structured mentorship and enhance your team's cohesion, consider implementing Together for Teams as part of your engagement strategy.

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